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New Year Resolutions Worth Keeping

You don’t have to create a strict routine for yourself. And you definitely do not have to set unrealistic goals for yourself, only to give up when you veer off course. But, if you can knock out one of these things this year, you’ve made it a good year.

1. Be Kinder

This does not mean you have to give money to people, or shell out more to charity.  This would be nice, but we don’t all have the means, or the inclination. And these days, it’s hard to know where your money is going. Instead, smile at someone on the street. Let someone cut in front of you in line. Next time someone bumps into you, smile, and say “It’s ok, I’m in a hurry, too,” instead of giving a glowering sneer. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel about yourself. And we do believe in a little thing called karma.

2. Be Mindful

This is a buzzword, we are aware. But still, worth considering as we all seem to be rushing these days, resulting in forgetfullness, accidents, and general lack of awareness. Instead of doing three things at once, just slow down and do one thing. Are the consequences really that dire if not everything gets done today? Probably not. The true meaning of the word is to simply pay attention. Pay attention to the sunset, soft falling snow, chewing a food you love, taking a breath of fresh air, and the smell of your child’s hair when he hugs you. This is really just practicing the art of living. If you get into it, check out at Mindfulness on the Go by Padraig O’Morain at Barnes and Noble. Shop now for 15% off.

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3. Exercise More

This is at the top of everybody’s list. But we’re not saying join a gym, buy new sneakers, and brand new workout clothes. You’re in for $200 before you’ve even lost a pound. Instead, what we are saying is that you should vow to always take the stairs. Go for walk, even on a cold day. Play with your kids in the snow. Start doing planks before bed each night. Just do something to get that body in motion more than it was before. If you’re doing more, you’re winning.

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4. Cook More

Again, everyone wants to eat healthier, but do you know what’s really easy, will cost you less, and encourage time with the family? Cooking. If you cook twice a week, make it a goal to do it three times per week. Cooking encourages healthier ingredients, mindful eating, and time with the family at the dinner table. Win, win, win. If you can afford it, try Sun Basket and save $20 off your first meal. The meals are amazingly healthy and for a decent price. It’s one less thing you have to shop for a the grocery store.

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5. Spend time on yourself.

Make it a goal to spend 15-30 minutes per day just on yourself. It might mean a bath, reading, painting your nails, power napping, or whatever else floats your boat. Phone aside and door closed. Just you.

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