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Review Of The HP Elite Pad 900 Windows 8 Tablet

The HP Elite Pad 900 has a 10.1 inch display and runs on Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 Operating system. The tab weighs around 1.5 pounds and is about 9.2mm thin. It has both front and rear facing cams. The rear cam is an 8 MP with an LED flash. The front cam has support for 1080p video.


The HP Elite Pad 900 comes with the HP Elite Pas smart jackets that further imbue this hot product with connectivity options and an additional battery. They also protect the device from wear and tear. There is an integrated keyboard, connectivity ports, SD Card reader and adjustable viewing angles. The docking station also charges the tablet. The battery life is a standard 10 hours though.

The target segment of customers for this tab, the HP Elite Pad 900 is the upcoming business class. Specifically, it is for the fresh out of business school graduates that have a mind of their own and often don’t want to be bogged down by the bulky netbooks or laptops that the office provides.

One special feature of this tab is that it lets users write on it in their own handwriting, that it later converts to text and saves it for future use or transfers it to other devices. So it supports voice, pen and touch input. Out and out this is meant for business users that need drive encryption and connectivity at all times.

If you go by the looks, the HP Elite Pad rocks! It has a machined aluminum back cover and the display is coated in Gorilla glass. To put things in perspective for you, it can survive a three foot drop! The one negative issue with the HP Elite Pad is its resolution. It has a 1280 x 800 resolution, and even if you discount the high resolution of the Apple tablets, this is a rather cold show. Even the android tabs have a better display.

What else does the HP Elite Pad 900 feature?
1. NFC radio
2. Bluetooth 4.0
3. Mobile broadband module
4. GPS
5. Additional expansion ports and one that turns it into a genuine netbook too.
6. Two USB ports, HDMI Connection and space for an extra battery in the expansion jacket.

The HP Elite Pad 900 runs an Atom- based Intel clover trail processor with 2GB RAM. And you will have choice between a 32GB and 64GB MMC. This is scheduled for launch around January 2013 and till then no price has been released. Probably closer to the launch date, some price figures may be released. However the approximation currently by market experts stands at $700! It will be quite a steep purchase then. You never know what sort of ball HP will play with this tab.

HP proudly says it’s the next generation Atom or clovertrail, but only the actual release will tell what it has in store for the users. We can just hope that is offers great experience to the users.