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Roses for Valentine’s Day: Say Your Love through Colors

Let the flowers say it for you!

Pictures and words can never encompass the grandeur of Roses when it comes to declaring your love or thanking a friend.

Flowers have been long used to convey our feelings to others. They are the language of love and their colors have a significant impact on one’s behavior and reactions. People interpret your feelings and thoughts by the colors and by the kind of flower you are giving them. Just because red roses are more familiar to you or more popular doesn’t mean it’s okay to give it to a friend or someone you want to befriend. They might get the wrong impression that you’re in love with him or her when in truth you only want friendship.


Roses are the most popular flowers when it comes to love and the best given-gifts on Valentine’s Day. Through its different lovely shades – from deep red to pale yellow, one can say everything from “I love you” to “thanks for being my friend”.

So here’s a little idea on how to make sure that the flower you are sending defines your true feelings whether it’s for friendship or for a relationship.

The Color of Roses and their Meanings:

  • Red Roses – it symbolizes true love and with deep passionate true intention to the receiver. This is much more than saying I love you because red roses signify the desire and affection for the relationship. This is given to those who you want to show love and passion. While burgundy red shows unconscious love, the red rosebud can mean youth and beauty.
  • Pink Roses – it symbolizes happiness, appreciation and admiration for someone.
  • Peach Roses – it shows modesty.
  • Orange Roses – symbolizes desire and given to those persons who you want to know better.
  • Yellow Roses – the color of friendship and expresses joy or gladness.
  • White Roses – the symbol of purity and innocence and commonly used on weddings. This can also mean eternal love for the person of your dreams.
  • Lavender Roses – It means “love at first sight” and given to those you find enchanting and unique.

But if your schedule prohibits you to shop on stores outside or you don’t have any idea about the combination or designs, you can always check online deals that could offer you an array and varieties of single-stemmed or bouquets of fresh roses. It’s easy though to shop through these stores since they also offer good discounts on your purchases.


Their tag line sounds really cute, “Let us arrange a smile for you”. But the even cuter thing is they have this bunch of beautiful roses plus other assorted flowers that could rip a smile on a frowned-face person. Their collection includes a lush romantic roses sprayed with a lovely hues of different colors. They have really a wide selection when it comes to add-ons like a huge teddy bear, a big love colossal cookie fortune, a strawberry floral margarita-like vase, love balloons, a cute message in a bottle and love notes not to mention the exquisite combinations of flowers like tulips, lilies, iris and orchids. You’ll be thrilled because they offer free shipping with no service charge and a same-day local florist delivery.


Pickup flowers

Lets you save 15% or $10 on 25 long stem red roses measuring 18″ to 22″ long. This bouquet of red roses is on full bloom and comes with a personal greeting card, flower handling and care instructions, plant food and an optional purchase of a vase to make it extra special. They also have best deals on other shades like pink, yellow, peaches, lavender and so many more. You can also have a teddy bear, wines or love balloons as an additional gift to come with the flowers. They also offer flower combinations and creative designs for flower baskets and vases.

They offer long stemmed-roses with the color and combination you will definitely love with 15% off or $8 -$10 discount. That’s not all, you can also choose from different array of colors that suits your feelings for someone. They have pink, white, yellow, orange roses or a combination of all, with add-ons of chocolates or teddy bears. You can also choose roses with a combination of other flowers like lilies, daisies and/or a flower basket with a mixed of the above flowers.

But wait, here’s more:

Don’t you know that the number of stems you gave also have secret meanings? On single red rose means you are so deeply in love with the person while a dozen means you’re seriously in love and if more than fifty it already shows unconditional love. Two roses intertwined to form as one means forever and represents your truest intention for commitment and purpose to spend your life with that person.


Combination of one or two colors of roses can also decipher another meaning.

Here are some examples:

  • White and Red Roses – Unity and Togetherness
  • White and Pink Roses – Forever in Love
  • Yellow and Orange Roses – Loving Thoughts
  • Yellow and Red Roses – Cheery happiness
  • Pale Color combinations – Friendship, admiration and appreciation

Valentine’s Day or not, giving flowers to someone special in your life can really mean a lot to them. As a matter of fact, Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers or for people who are in a relationship – it is also for people who also want to express their feelings for friends and to the one they admired. So what’s the better way to say it than to give them an extra special bouquet of roses?

So this Valentine’s Day, shop for the perfect bouquet of flowers to give while keeping in mind the color that will really match your true feelings. Happy Shopping!

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