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Safety Items You Should Always Have While Hiking & Camping

Packing for a camping trip is a days-long event. First you have clothes, then you need food, and what about bathroom trips? Don’t forget shelter, and if it rains – are you ready? Before you head out to your summer camping trip, take a step back and analyze your gear with a different perspective focused on safety.

After all, the outdoors can be a very dangerous place, and natural elements are wild and frequently misbehave. If you’re taking your family out into nature to help them develop an appreciation for it, you’ll definitely want to include safety as a major player. It not only keeps your family save, but can help them help others. Plus, it actually does help the environment when hikers and campers are educated and aware of their surroundings.

Don’t scare your family with spooky stories about missing hikers, though – safety is fun! You can easily make your family feel like superheroes with the use of some clever safety gear designed for families like yours.

A Lifestraw is one of the coolest and most important items you could bring with you into the wild. This little device is not only affordable, it turns any water found in a stream, river, or lake and purifies it enough to safely drink! Drinking stagnant or untreated water can result in incredible illness or even parasites. This is a must-have, and it’s only $20! That’s before you apply Cabelas promo codes, so you can get one for every member of the family.

Survival supply websites have an incredible amount of useful gear, including pre-packaged dehydrated food (lightweight and perfect for camping) and family bug-out bags containing tents, backpacks, first aid kits, hydration systems, tools, and more.

Having one of these stored in the trunk of the car offers great peace of mind when you’re far away from home. Bug-out bags can be pricey, but coupons for Forge Survival Supply will help cut down the cost. Don’t forget, these bug-out bags also include smaller backpacks, tools for the whole family, walkie-talkies, and more.

For something a little less intense and a little more technological and fun, Huckberry is a great website to subscribe to. They offer goods for the nature enthusiast, which includes items for the home as well as the outdoors.

Camping gadgets like battery packs, USB-powered lanterns, and packable luxuries are Huckberry’s specialty. Their items are already discounted, usually, but you can add Huckberry codes to get up to 20% off special departments and pop-up shops.

You can turn safety into a fun game with the help of these tools and products! What kid doesn’t want to carry a rainbow lantern on their backpack? With proper training, you can eventually introduce them to their first pocketknife, and it’s all uphill from there. Not only will it help the environment and keep your family safe, but it will instill life skills into all of you that will make you more prepared to take on the world.