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Samsung Focus 2 with Windows OS

While the iPhone from Apple is very popular with smart phone fans, another phone is making the circuit and winning over fans. Samsung’s Focus 2 (available from AT&T) is the newest offering from the company. The original Focus made its’ debut in 2010, but this year’s Focus 2 has fans wondering – what’s better about this one?

Samsung's Focus 2What is better is the slim new design, placement of the camera, and the low low price.

The Focus 2 has a regularly placed camera shutter and an option to take photos from the front of the phone as well. This lessens the amount of work to take self portraits – something that many users noticed lacked in other phones.

The phone also uses the Window’s Operating Sysytem, something that quite a few people were fans of with the first Focus. The iPhone and Android operating systems are popular, but due to the popularity of the Windows operating system as a whole, linking this phone to a home computer and gaming system is easier than ever.

Yes, you can link the Focus 2 to a gaming system. Microsoft’s Xbox Live application allows owners of the phone to access their Xbox Live account, download, and play games directly from their phone. The games include popular Xbox 360 titles like Assasin’s Creed and Call of Duty.

The phone plays music via the Zune platform, AT&T’s radio, and can be connected to AT&T’s Uverse system for video viewing.

There are many different applications in the marketplace for both Xbox Live and AT&T’s applications. Amazon’s Kindle software can be added to the phone and ebooks read just like on a Kindle.

The phone comes standard with 8gb of memory which cannot be added to. The operating system and display is not much different than those of other Windows Phones – all use the same WP7 platform which behaves the same on each phone. Tiles make up the start page on the phone, some of which can be customized, but only with color changes.

Load times for webpages via WiFi can be slow, but no worse than most other smartphones. Scrolling down a webpage will sometimes result in a white page while it finishes loading.

Pictures from the Focus are very nice with a high definition that is better than many other phones in this price range.

The price tag on the Samsung Focus 2 is a steal. AT&T offers the phone for $50 with a two year agreement. The company’s service is very good and customer service is phenomonal.

All in all, this phone is one of the better smartphones with a budget-friendly price tag. It has multiple uses for anyone that needs to stay in touch with private or business contacts. The Samsung Focus 2 is a solid phone and would make a great gift as well. You can get it on with perfect quality and cheap price.