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In 2011, Samsung released its second edition of high performance laptops. If you are in the market for a laptop, and if aesthetics, portability and top notch performance are a priority, then the Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook, just might be of interest to you.

Samsung Notebook Series 9


Unlike its previous laptops which were made of aluminum, the Series 9 is made from Duralumin. This material is light, and has excellent tensile strength. It is commonly used to design aircraft.

The physical body of the Series 9 is ultra-thin, with only a few discernible bulges. In total, it is only 0.58” inches high, 14” inches wide and 9.3”inches deep, weighing just 3.63 pounds.

The Series 9 comes equipped with a 13 inch, LCD screen, that can detect a movie or a tv program, and therefore adjust its multimedia settings accordingly. The screen is also a matte, therefore eliminating glare and making viewing from a wide angle possible.

The speakers of the Series 9, are located under the keypad, but their location by no means, hinders the sound output. In fact, they stream with so much clarity, that external speakers are not required whatsoever.


The Series 9 comes equipped with 8 ports, which includes VGA, HDMI, USB, Headphone Out, Microphone In, Multi card slot, and an RJ45LN.


The Series 9 keyboard is ergonomically designed, with all its keys located within the area of two palms. This will benefit users by eliminating the need move their fingers around too much. The keyboard also comes with a backlight, so all you night owls out there will quite happy with this cute feature.

The keypad is smooth to the touch and comes with an Elan Touchpad.

Battery Life and Performance

The battery life of the Series 9, remains unmatched. It can last up to ten hours without recharging. It also does not heat up as much as older laptops.


The Series 9 has 4w stereo speakers, Sound Alive, Sound technology, an internal mic and a webcam (1.3 MP HD).


The Series 9 boasts 128 GB hard drive storage and solid state drive RPM. It also has 8GB of Standard Memory and System Memory.

Other Specifications

The Samsung Series 9, operates on a Windows 7 operating system. Its Solid State drive enables this laptop to start up, within 9.1 seconds of you pressing the power button. On the same note, it resumes immediately from sleep mode.

According to Nova Benchmark Tests, the Series 9 got an average score of 538 points. Its performance ranked better than previous Series 5 notebooks, Dell XPS 13, Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M5.

Customers can purchase extra accessories to support their Series 9, such as cables, external disk drives, dongles and power adapters.

The Samsung Series 9 Ultra book, currently retails for $1,200 USD. This laptop is available in Ash Black color and also comes equipped with a 1 year Standard Parts and Labor Warranty.

The Samsung Series 9 will clearly provide users with an unforgettable performance!