Save Big on Pet Supplies

There are so many fantastic things about online businesses: you can order from anywhere, they inspire remote work and they can be built around almost any subject matter or product.

Our favorite thing about online businesses?

They can save you money.

When you own an online business and don’t have any storefront property, your operating expenses drop dramatically compared to traditional corporations. In most cases, online businesses pass this savings on to the consumer. lives this philosophy, helping pet owners get the highest quality items for their pets’ happiness at surprisingly low prices.

While the prices are fair all around, the best deals can be found when you use the Autoship feature to get regular, monthly deliveries to your door. You can add in different items each time, but we see a big money and convenience factor for a select few items that you’ll need to purchase every month anyways.

Dry Food

This is the staple of your pet’s diet. It keeps them fed, gets them the nutrients they need and can even help them keep their teeth nice and healthy. Brands like Royal Canin are worth the spend, but they are expensive. Chewy currently saves you 20% over list price when you use Autoship.

Wet Food

Cats and dogs love having wet food in their diet. We recently discovered a new-ish brand, Nulo. We like them because their food is insanely healthy and built for your pet’s tastes. A lot of their products also have probiotics in them, which is phenomenal for animals with weaker stomachs. They also tend to be noticeably cheaper than other high-end brands, so they keep your pet healthy at a lower price.

The price gets even lower with Chewy, which saves you 11% over list price.

Kitty Litter

You know you’re going to need this each month—why not save?! We’ve found that our pets do just fine with commonly used brands like Tidy Cats, but each cat is different and yours might need a specific brand. Chewy is more than likely to have it, and often at a lower price than you’d be able to find it at WalMart.

Flea Medication

The best treatment for any ailment is prevention, and that’s true for fleas and pets, too. Ideally, your pet will be getting topical treatment every 30 days. If you pet does get fleas, it’s not convenient. But you shouldn’t feel bad about yourself. So many pet owners go through this nightmare, and it doesn’t mean you’re a dirty person or that your pet is a dirty animal.

But, again, the best way to avoid it is to prevent it. Getting flea medication as a part of your Autoship order goes a long way towards doing just that.

Dog Poop Bags

If you’re a dog owner, you know how handy these can be. The ultra frugal option is to use plastic grocery bags, but those are more prone to rip and don’t hold in the stank as well as specially made products like those from Frisco. If you think this would help make your walks more pleasant, add them to your Autoship order to save.