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Save Big with this Michael Kors Sale

Who says back-to-school sales are just for kids? Tons of women’s brands have sales going on right now, too, from super lax to work-worthy attire.

If you’ve got a flare for fashion, you’ll definitely be interested in Michael Kors latest sale: 20% off orders of $250 or more and 25% off orders of $300 or more. With a range of styles perfect for everything from the office to running errands to hanging out on a Saturday, this sale is great whether you have kids or not. The deal expires on August 31st, though, so you’ll want to act fast!

Here are some of our favorite picks from Michael Kors’ exclusive line that can only be found in the stores holding his name or via the brand’s online shopping portal:

Tweed-Print Chiffon Tie-Neck Blouse

Michael Kors Tweed-Print Chiffon Tie-Neck Blouse

Glamorous and professional all at the same time, we absolutely love this blouse. It can be dressed down with a pair of jeans or dressed up with a pair of slack or a pencil skirt. The best part? You can get in on this high fashion item for under $100.

Peekaboo Twee-Print Chiffon Dress

Michael Kors Peekaboo Tweed-Print Chiffon Dress

Can’t get enough of the tweed? Literally get more with this peekaboo dress. Hits right below the knee, and is fab for those Fall days. This option is right under $200.

Merino Wool-Blend Cardigan

Michael Kors Merino Wool-Blend Cardigan

We flipping love Merino wool. It’s so soft and simultaneously so versatile. Oh, and the “blend” part of this piece? It’s 70% Merino wool and 30% cashmere. So it’s pretty much heaven in cardigan form. With the current sale, you’ll save $59 on this one item alone.

Shruken Leather Jacket

Michael Kors Shrunken Leather Jacket

What can we say? This leather jacket is simultaneously stylish, bad-a, and feminine. Plus, with the current sale it’s $123.75 off. That kindn of savings is no joke.

Selma Stretch-Denim Flares

Michael Kors Selma Stretch-Denim Flares

After having them MIA for so long, we’re so glad flare jeans are back on the menu. They’re slightly reminicent of the 70s without going full-on bell bottom, and they are perfect with all the platform shoes that are on trend this season. A quality pair of jeans is completely worth splurging on, as they can last you for years to come.

Liana Leather Clog

Michael Kors Liana Leather Clog

We weren’t kidding. A mod version of the 70s is back. These platform clogs come with a chunky heel that adds height and shape to your legs, are super comfortable and come with a unique almond toe. They’ll run you just under $200.

Natasha Embossed-Leather Slide

Michael Kors Natasha Embossed-Leather Slide

Need something a little flatter to make it through a day at the office? While platforms are in, you can still take advantage of the same hot materials in comfy flats. For extra comfort, they’re slip-ons and come with a rubber sole. They cost a little bit less than our favorite platforms at $135.

Allie Leather Sneaker


For those dress-down days, these sneakers are equally as comfortable as the Natasha style. They’re casual enough to wear out with your kids, but not so casual that you’ll look like a slob. They’re in the same price bracket as our favorite flats.