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Save Even More When You Buy in Bulk for Back to School

buy in bulk

All around the country, kids have already returned to school to start a new year. After what was surely a great summer, parents are always eager to get back into the routine. Even if you’ve already bought back to school clothes and supplies, there’s still more to buy. Why does it seem like the list never ends?

Between keeping up with the laundry, making sure there’s fresh bread and cold cuts in the house, and doing your best to keep everything in order, there’s really no “completing a task” when it comes to grocery lists. Kids will always need their lunches made and dinner ready to go, and you don’t have any time or money to waste.

So, when you need to buy in bulk to make the whole routine easier, we understand. Buying in bulk means you should already be able to save. But, what if you could save more? Check out savings at these stores:

Costco stores can be found throughout many cities around the entire world. Here, you can find discounts on everything from packs of juice boxes to a new stove. It’s basically every parent’s answer to the hectic start of the new school year. Even though Costco always has great deals, who doesn’t want to save more on top of their membership, discounts, and everything else? Take a look and see what additional discounts they have to offer.

buy in bulk

Sam’s Club
Sam’s Club is another popular wholesale club that has an excellent selection. The kids will love taking trips here as much as you do, but they don’t know your real secret — that you’re saving money on the jugs of pretzels, the Ziploc bags, and maybe even a new toy. You don’t want to disappoint your family with a lack of food in the cupboard, and Sam’s Club certainly won’t disappoint you. While you’re there, pick up some photos at an excellent discount.

buy in bulk

Although BJ’s might only be found in some parts of the country, this store is also a great option for parents who need to buy in bulk. Just like the other wholesale clubs on this list, you pay a low membership fee, which now you can get for $50 a year. Then, enjoy all this store has to offer as much as you’d like, and never run out of options to pack for your children’s lunches.

buy in bulk

Super Wal-Mart and Super Target

Wal-Mart and Target are already great stores, but have you ever been to the super versions? Super Wal-Marts and super Targets are the answer to every mom and dad’s prayer. Because, let’s be honest, where else can you do your shopping all in one? Even if they don’t have quite the bulk options that you would find at the other stores on this list, they get pretty close to it. And, when you don’t need to pay membership fees, this is truly the next best thing.

Buying items in bulk is a great option for busy families. But, don’t let these stores trick you into thinking you’re saving money on your purchase. To be absolutely sure, check out these discounts before you grab your shopping cart.