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Save Money on Sun Protection Before the Sun Gets Here!

Maybe you think it’s silly to be thinking about sunburns while it’s still pouring down rain, but let me set the record straight: protection yourself from the effects of the sun is a year round activity. Just because it’s drizzling today doesn’t mean that UV rays aren’t bouncing around out there, doing their best to ruin your skin!

These days, protection from the sun is more important than ever. The sun’s UV exposure is about to spike, and we now have the technologies to keep our bodies protected, so why not put on some serious armor while the coast is clear? Here are some excellent products to help you keep your skin safe from the negative effects of sun exposure.

Sunscreen from Sephora

Sephora Sunscreen

You might think of your local Sephora as a mecca for cosmetics and colorful makeup. Many people forget that Sephora also houses some of the best skincare products on the market. Great makeup starts with a great base, and keeping your skin soft and healthy is the number one goal of most cosmetic brands. Sephora’s facial sunscreen selection is huge!

These sunscreens offer mega-SPF protection while also keeping in mind that your skin is unlike anyone else’s. Some skin types are sensitive to chemical sunscreens, so these high quality products offer a more aware perspective on skin’s #1 BFF, adding moisturizers and nutrition to bolster the protection. It’s not just for ladies, either! There are great options formulated for men’s facial skin, as well.

Select the sunscreen(s) that you think will best fit your skin needs and Sephora will give you a free gift when you spend $25!

Sunglasses from Sunglass Hut

Sunglasses UV Protection

For most people, sunglasses are just a more pleasant way to cut the brightness of a sunny day. For people who know about the power of UV rays on our eyes, sunglasses are the armored shield protecting our delicate eyes from an invisible attack.

UV rays can cause macular degeneration in eyes, as well as incur short-term effects like photokeratitis which is like a sunburn on your eye. Sunglasses offering polarization and high UV protection (like UV400) are ideal as they block 100% of the UV-A and UV-B rays that harm the naked eye.

Worried that they’ll cost a fortune? It’s for good reason, polarized sunglasses can definitely get expensive. Luckily, you can get a new pair of UV-protection sunglasses from Sunglass Hut for half off with this coupon!

UV Blocking Clothing from Coolibar

Coolibar UV Protection Clothing

Here’s where technology gets really impressive. Many companies that make outdoor gear and athletic clothing have started to use a UV ray-blocking fabric which protects skin from the sun while allowing for a full range of motion.

Coolibar makes gorgeous athleisure gear in beautiful colors and patterns for the whole family. Everyone can have a personal style while having 98% of UV rays blocked. The fabric has a UPF/SPF 50+ rating, and with a double layer of sunscreen underneath, you’ll feel confident and safe in these clothes.

What’s your family’s favorite sunscreen? Leave it in the comments!