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Save Money on Transition Pieces for Summer-to-Fall Fashion

Don’t worry, I’m not proclaiming the end of summer just yet. What I am advocating is for you to start thinking about turning your favorite summer fashion into warm and cozy fall fashion.

There are a few ways to quickly transform your favorite summer outfit into a look that’s perfect for a chilly day. In fact, you may have some items in your closet that will help turn that cute day dress into a cozy autumn look that you can wear through the fall and winter! If you’re looking to shop (which, duh, we always are!), these fashion items are on the cutting edge of style and will make straddling the seasons easy and stylish.

The first secret is a no-brainer: long-sleeved tops. Nothing is quite as cozy as not freezing your arms off! Plus, adding a long-sleeved top over your favorite summer dresses and skirts can completely transform your look! If you find a really cute, plain turtleneck, layer it underneath your favorite summer dresses for a much warmer look. If you love that top, check our page to find out how to save 10% instantly at Marks & Spencer.

The versatility of long-sleeved shirts will get you through the daytime, but at night, the temperature is really going to start changing. There’s no getting around it, you’re going to want an awesome coat.

I feel very strongly about coats. When I’m out and about, I don’t want to see anyone else wearing the coat that I’m wearing. It’s a style thing! To keep things interesting, I buy coats from streetwear-focused sites like Karmaloop. This light-colored motorcycle jacket in faux suede is the perfect unique coat to finish out the summer. It’s already affordable thanks to the faux materials, but you can use Karmaloop promotions to save more money on your new statement jacket!

Of course, you can switch between seasons by simply changing up your footwear. For inexpensive shoes with high style, I always head to Target.

Combat boots look equally as cute with summer dresses as they do with skinny jeans or leggings in the fall. They lace up which gives you extra stability in the bad weather months, and offer you the opportunity to keep them messy and (safely) untied in the summer. Target always has boots that are cute and affordable, and if you love these silver velvet boots, you could save 25% on them by using Target coupons! These will be the most versatile shoes in your wardrobe this year.

Last but not least, your best friends during the transition from summer to fall are tights. No one has more colorful and interesting tights than We Love Colors.

Layered under everything from shorts to maxi skirts, tights are the great insulator. Even fishnets offer a bit of warmth, and they’re incredibly trendy when worn underneath torn jeans. If I were you, I’d restock my entire sock drawer with a rainbow of tights, and use We Love Colors promotions to save extra money!

Ultimately, the secret to transitioning from summer to fall is layering. Find the right layers that work for your body type and personal taste, and you’re on your way to a stylish seasonal shift.