Save Money While Creating Unique Vacation Memories

When planning a vacation two questions typically come to mind. The first is: “where should I go?” The second is: “where should I stay?” Choosing a destination is the easy part. With so many options available deciding where to stay can prove much harder. By default most travelers will search for hotels or motels, but don’t limit your options to just these two. Consider renting a home instead; it’s a much better bargain. The market for homes has grown over the past few years and you can now find a wide range of choices available from websites such as Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO) or Airbnb.

Why choose a vacation home over a hotel room?


Renting a vacation home is often less expensive than booking a single hotel room. For those vacationing with friends and family renting a home will most definitely cost less than renting two hotel rooms. The other big financial benefit: no excess fees. Have you ever received a hotel bill and felt utter sticker shock at the amount of unexpected expenses? Usage fees, in-room movies and valet parking all add to your total hotel costs. Vacation homes won’t include any of these.



If you are a solo traveler a hotel room might provide you with ample space, but add on a spouse and a few kids and you will quickly find yourself in cramped quarters. Most hotel rooms include little more than a small bathroom and a bed. Vacation homes provide that same bedroom and bathroom plus so much more. One of the biggest perks, a full sized kitchen complete with a full sized

Dining In

It can be quite difficult to eat meals in a tiny hotel room. Without a full-size refrigerator you can’t keep many ingredients on hand and of course without a heat source like a stovetop or oven you can’t cook anything tasty. Do you want to spend the majority of your vacation budget eating out three times a day or would you prefer to save your money for exciting adventures? In a vacation home you can prepare food at home and spend a whole lot less than you would dining out three times a day. Eating breakfast at home is a no-brainer, but consider packing sandwiches before venturing out of the house or even preparing a dinner or two. Your wallet will thank you.


Another benefit of rental homes is the ability to wash your clothes and towels whenever the need arises. Do you tend to overload your suitcase with enough underwear and outfits to wear a clean set of clothes every day of the week? With a full size washer and dryer you no longer need to over pack. If you are flying to your destination you can pack lighter and ensure you won’t be charged extra baggage fees. Simply bring a few outfits and plan to wash them throughout your vacation.

Peace and Quiet

Do you ever find yourself in a hotel room located close to the ice machine or elevator? Have you stayed awake all night listening to people walking past your hotel room door? In a rental home you won’t encounter any of those inconveniences. Your space will be yours and yours alone.

new log home in mountain resort town

A Special Place

While every hotel room looks more or less the same each vacation home is truly unique. Hotel rooms might be forgettable but the home you choose will most likely become a permanent part of your vacation memory. You’ll remember sipping coffee on the patio each morning, watching snowboarders from your kitchen window or playing cards on the screened in porch as a thunderstorm rolls by.

Rental homes provide a one-of-a-kind experience and memories that can be treasured for a lifetime. Search for your own place to stay at VRBO and Airbnb and create your own unique memories.