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Save Money with 4 Brands that Support LBGTQ+ Pride

Every year in June, cities and countries around the world celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride and equal rights. Typically, a weekend is devoted to supporting LGBTQ+ people and that includes voting with your dollar. Supporting businesses who are allies of the gay community is a strong statement.

If you haven’t frequently shopped with the LGBTQ+ community in mind, you might have mixed ideas of what a supportive business looks like. Some people might expect that only businesses with specialties and niches would fall into this category, but you’d be surprised! Several businesses you already shop with are steadfast supporters of LGBT+ and equal rights.

Home Depot

For all of your DIY and household projects, join millions of other people when you shop at Home Depot. It may surprise you to learn that Home Depot is a regular on the list of best places for LGBTQ+ people to work, thanks to their attention to equality issues and commitment to diversity and inclusion. Home Depot scored a 100 from the Human Rights Campaign when its diversity-focused policies were examined.

Next time you’re thinking of making an upgrade to your home or need an extra set of garden shears, take your business to Home Depot, and to make the most of your dollar, save up to 40% at Home Depot by shopping online with a coupon.

Toys in Babeland

This Seattle store is nothing short of a legend. For adult toys and everything erotic, it’s a must-visit for adventurous travelers passing through the city. It’s truly the most unique adult shop in the country, and most of that has to do with its employee policies. First of all, they are the first and only unionized adult shop, so the employees are protected by a real union. Many, many of those employees identify as queer, gay, transgender, or otherwise and a union helps to keep their often marginalized rights healthy and strong.

Don’t be intimidated by adult shops! The best part of Babeland is that the employees are incredibly knowledgeable, sensitive, and empathetic to your needs and questions. There are three Babeland locations New York City, and one in Seattle. You can shop online with Babeland coupons to save 20% instantly on your order!


In 2012, a group of employees at NikeID decided to bring their individual LGBTQ+ Pride themed shoe creations to the internet, exposing them to millions of people. Many saw the rainbow-encrusted performance gear and clamored for it. This chance encounter resulted in NikeID’s creation of the Be True Campaign. Each year, a Pride collection is released featuring professional quality sports gear with Pride symbolism included in the designs.

Since the program debuted, NikeID has contributed over $2.5 million to LGBTQ+ causes. This year’s Be True collection debuted on June 1, save money by using a NikeID coupon when you pick up your favorite pair of running shoes!


Another Seattle-born company, Nordstrom, has made this list for supporting LGBTQ+ people, both employees and patrons. Considered an upscale retailer, Nordstrom has used its influence as a platform to support LGBTQ+ rights for the better part of a decade. Aside from being an early adopter of anti-discrimination policies that include sexual orientation, they also backed Washington State’s proposed same-sex marriage bill in 2012 via a memo sent out company-wide.

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Considering Nordstrom has some of the best brands in fashion, home decor, housewares, and cosmetics, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to spend your money there. With our plethora of Nordstrom coupons, you should be able to fill your cart up with your favorite products and save a good amount of money at the register.

What’s your favorite LGBTQ+ allied business? Leave your favorite supporters in the comments! And to all of you who identify as LGBTQ+, Happy Pride Month!