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Save More on Dresses

Shopping-the word that can make any woman bounce on her seat. And the impact that it has on her husband’s pocket, he must jump up too!

There is no way a woman can be expected to save a few bucks for her husband to rejoice about. But what if we tell you that we have some ways that can save you some money? Hard to believe, right? But the mantra to a sensible shopping was hidden right under your nose. Yes, all we need to do is to be a little more aware of our pockets while we shop.

We will tell you how…

Do I need it?

Ask yourself the same when you set out on a spree to shop for a few dresses. If there is an event lined up, it is alright to pamper yourself a little. But if it is an occasion where none of the guests would have seen the dresses that you already have, there is no harm in wearing them there. No one would know that you have worn the same dress somewhere else too.

Beautiful! Isn’t it?

Well, it is only you who can judge a dress once you have set your eyes upon it. Do not let the sales person drive you into buying something that does not suit or fit you well. Use the changing room and view it properly from all the angles. Only when you are sure about the material, color, style and comfort, you must proceed to the next level.

How much for it?

Ladies, there is a price tag on every little or big thing that you wish to buy. But that is the Maximum Retail Price, and can be easily brought down to almost the half… only if YOU give it a shot. Yes, there is no harm in bargaining as long as you are paying your hard-earned pennies. Always ask the store owner to compensate so that the price suits your pocket.

How else can I pay?

There is surely no alternative to money in the real life. But when you are standing in a shopping mall, there are perhaps a dozen of them! Always ask the sales person if there is any scheme associated with the dress that you have shortlisted. There might very well be some membership coupons placed on the counter, which may not save you anything today, but can save some big bucks on the next shopping spree. Subscribe for the membership, and enjoy the extra attention that they give the next time you step there.

If you follow these simple tips, shopping sure would be fun- for you, and your husbands!