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Save on All Things MLB

save on all things mlb

Baseball season has started, and we’re ready to take you out to the ball game, for less.  Celebrating America’s past time is epically fun, but you’re going to need some serious savings to be able to do it without going broke.

The Gear

If your team made it to the playoffs last year, but you weren’t rooting for the Giants, there’s a lot of surplus merchandise out there branded for your team.  Where there’s a surplus, there’s a price reduction.  And this one is dramatic.  For example, Rally House has a ton of leftover Royals gear, most of it at 50% off.  While some of it looks a little too hopeful in retrospect, there’s plenty you can pick up that you’ll be able to wear to the game in 2015 and beyond.

The Tickets

Depending on the city you’re in, buying tickets to see a game in person can get insanely expensive very quickly.  Luckily, there are tons of ways to cut those costs.  Try a couple of these and you’ll be able to cheer on your team for less.

  • Put out the word at work.  Workplaces offer a ton of ways to score discounts on tickets.  The first step is to put out the word that you’re looking.  Once you ask, your coworkers will probably let you in on the fact that there’s an office email blast season-ticket-holder Joe sends out every week with tickets for games he can’t go to.  These tickets may be free and first come first serve, or they may be seriously discounted going to the highest bidder.  Some companies also hold box seats that they extend to their employees at certain points in the season as a perk of employment.  Also ask about company days at your home field, where there’s a block of seats you can all purchase at a reduced, group price.
  • Join the MLB Kids’ Club.  Some teams host a kids’ club, where young fans can get free and/or BOGO tickets at a dirt cheap price.  These clubs suddenly make taking the whole family to a game much more affordable.  Some of them even offer extra perks, like gear for attending a certain number of games, or opportunities to meet the players or take to the field before or after the professional game is played.
  • Get the most out of your AAA membership.  AAA membership comes with some perks, and they’re not all about your car breaking down on the side of the road.  If you’re a member, you can get discounted tickets to specific MLB games.  In the past, these deals have even gotten as high as 50% off for a Yankees game.

Forget the Peanuts and Crackerjacks

Now that you’ve got your tickets, you want to be careful not to spend the rest of your paycheck at the game.  Eating at any stadium is expensive, so there’s one basic rule of thumb to follow: don’t do it.  Instead, eat before you go.  For the amount that’s charged for a simple hot dog or hamburger combo, you’re probably going to be able to treat yourself out to a nicer restaurant before the game, and still have more money leftover than if you had chosen to buy nachos for everyone in your clan at the game.