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Save On Classroom Supplies for the New School Year

As students get ready to head back to class, teachers are busy preparing their classrooms. If you’re a teacher, you’re already familiar with having to purchase many of your own supplies for your classroom. Saving as much as you can as you try to make your room an enjoyable and effective learning environment for your students is always a priority, though you may want to purchase much more than you can afford. Lower grade school teachers often want to use lots of fun posters, bright colors, and props to make learning fun for their students. There are so many great deals and programs from a variety of stores that love to work with teachers and give them the best possible deals on things they may need for their classrooms.

Oriental Trading Company is a fantastic place for teachers to shop for all of their classroom needs. Here, you can find room decor, needed supplies, and more. There are so many options and categories to choose from when shopping for the items you need. Shop art supplies and craft kits for special projects. You can also find all sorts of fun themed decor for holidays, seasons, and more. Add responsibility charts to your classroom to help students as they take on various roles. You might even think about rewarding your students with a treasure box that they can visit at the end of each week with good behavior.  Get free shipping on orders over $49.00 at Oriental Trading Co.

Stock up on classroom essentials like Expo Dry Erase Markers at Staples. Get up to 84% off at Staples during their back to school sale. Make sure that you have a steady supply of needed items for your classroom- especially items that you might need to keep in stock at your desk, such as paper clips, sticky notes, pens, pencils, markers, stickers, extra paper, etc.

When it comes to electronics and printing needs, stay connected with HP products. HP is a trusted brand and is reliable for both teachers and students. If you need to set up a laptop or desktop computer at your desk or at a station somewhere in the classroom, explore the different options available from HP. Their printers are fantastic and can be synced right with your smartphone for easy printing, no matter where you are, HP photo products also make it easy to take and print photos for your students to use on projects, etc. Save $25.00 off $100.00 at HP.

Don’t forget to add a touch of your own personality to your workspace. Having a few items from home will make you feel more comfortable in your new classroom. You can brighten up your desk by adding a plant or two, just make sure that the plant is in an area where it’ll get plenty of natural light, and don’t forget to water it. You don’t have to have a green thumb to keep a desk plant alive. You might even get the students to help you take care of the classroom plants by assigning tasks to water them each week.

With proper planning, going back to the classroom doesn’t have to break your budget as a teacher. Ask parents to chip in where they can, donating items like tissue boxes, hand sanitizer, and other helpful items that all students will need to use during the course of the school year. Involve parents as much as possible (or as much as you’d like to), and allow them to help when you need it most.