Save on Girls’ Night Out

As the days get cooler and shorter, you’re going to want to take care of yourself as you ward off the blues that come with a downtick of Vitamin D. One of the best ways to combat glum feelings is to invest in your social capital.

This means you have every excuse you need for a girls’ night out. We’ve got you covered with some fun, unique and affordable ideas. Send the mass text message. This is going to happen.

Paint Nite


You could go out and grab some drinks at a bar, or you could go out and grab some drinks at a bar that has a local artist teaching the masses how to create a beautiful masterpiece. That’s the idea behind Paint Nite, a phenomenon that’s been spreading to cities across the nation. Grab the girls so you can grab a drink—and a paintbrush. Participants are typically shocked at how good their final product looks, and right now you can give it a try for 35% off.



Want to add an air of mystery to your get together? Get a party plan from Night of Mystery. They’ll send you everything you need to have a stellar murder mystery party, from character profiles to scripts to costumes. You can either host this event at someone’s home or at a low-cost venue. Maybe someone rents in a complex that has a socializing space as a part of their community benefits. Maybe someone gets a steep discount at their country club. If all else fails, libraries usually rent out their spaces for free, though there may be an extra fee for food. To keep food costs down, you can either make the event potluck or opt to only serve snacks or appetizers rather than a whole meal.

Hit up the circus.


But do it in a grownup way. Seeing a Cirque du Soleil show is an experience no one forgets, and is a great way to have a fun night out on the town. They regularly have shows in NYC, Orlando, Las Vegas and the Maya Riviera, but there are also tours almost constantly. If you’re not in one of their regular hubs, be sure to check out that tour schedule as they’re probably somewhere within driving distance.

Treat yoselves.


Go out to a fancy restaurant with the ladies, giving yourself the ability and permission to dodge any questioning glances as you order red meat instead of a salad. Be sure to check out Groupon before you make your reservation. For example, right now you can eat at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse in New York for 35% off when you purchase a Groupon voucher. There are fancy restaurants and deep discounts in virtually every city, though. Be sure to look up your own.

Girls’ Night In Makeover


Spa nights used to be all the rage, and we still love a good professional back massage ourselves. But with so much available to us via the internet these days, there’s not a huge reasons to drop big bucks at the salon just to get your makeup done. Instead, invite the girls over and go through a Youtube tutorial. Not only will you look amazing at the end of the night, but you’ll also have learned how to actually do it yourself. We recommend picking up some Colour Pop makeup before the big night; it’s pretty much the same thing as Kylie Jenner’s line (literally made by the same people,) it just comes with a lower price tag.