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Save on Poolside Fashion

Getting ready for the pool to open on Memorial Day? Know that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a cute suit. When it comes to swim, there are so many ways to save without sacrificing looks.

Mix & Match


This season, you don’t have to have a perfectly matched bikini top and bottom. In fact, they’re being sold mixed. Just check out this piece from Triangl: yellow top with purple bottom, with barely anything tying the two together except some basic stitching patterns.

You can pull this same look off by raiding your closet for past years’ fashions. If a bottom is still fitting, but not the top, feel free to keep it and pull the top from another set. Try to get at least one of the pieces solid; clashing, flashy patterns on top and bottom won’t make the cut.

Buy a One Piece


It’s annoying when the top and bottom of a suit each come with their own separate price tag. Annoying and expensive. To cut costs this year, try a one piece instead. The styles out there aren’t your mother’s one pieces; you’ll be able to find plunging necklines, open backs, and even lace pieces that give you the same feeling as a two piece at one, lower price. This Becca suit from Nordstrom pulls all three features together beautifully without two separate price tags.

Fight Cancer


Slathering tons of lotion on is annoying. But skip it, and you run the risk of getting skin cancer. Stress less by wearing a rash guard. Initially made sexy by surfers, these swim shirts are making their way to beaches and pools everywhere. They’re built to be worn in the water, but also wick away moisture quickly so you won’t sweat to death or overheat wearing it outside the pool.

Depending on your build, you may be able to get away with wearing just the shirt and some swim bottoms. (Just be sure to zip up or buy a shirt that’s going to cover everything!) If you are bigger up top, you will still need to wear a one-piece or bikini top underneath, but the beauty is that you only have to have bottoms that match. Buy one from Lands End and you’ll only ever need to purchase one for years to come; they only sell high quality.

Shop Early with Promo Codes


Swimsuits are one thing we don’t recommend waiting to shop for. While it’s true that they go on sale further into the season, they will be extremely picked over. It’s likely not like a sweater or pair of slacks where you have an extra in your size in your closet; if you don’t have a suit that fits and flatters, you’re not going to that pool party.

Just because you don’t wait to shop steep discounts doesn’t mean you can’t save. Be sure to check promo codes before every purchase so you don’t pay anymore for your swimsuit this year than you have to.