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Save on These Summer Ideas for Kids Outdoor Play

Are you ready for summer? More importantly, are you ready to get the kids out of the house? When I was a kid, I spent most of the summer outside. It may be more difficult getting today’s kids out of the house, with the advent of computers and play stations, something I didn’t have as a kid. Still, there are lots of cool options for outdoor toys that are sure to lure those kids outside. All you need is a backyard where you can put these things-then shoo the kids out of your hair for the day.

Swing Sets

Swing sets are a classic backyard pastime for kids. Every school ground has them. I like the wooden ones. To me, they’re a step up from the metal ones. They seem sturdier, thus safer, and much more attractive. Kids can swing and slide away and even hide out in the club house on top, which is an option on many. Every backyard should have a swing set!


A trampoline is something the whole family can enjoy. Jumping and bouncing and laughing for everyone! Are you worried about one of the little tikes falling off? Most trampolines these days come with the netted safety enclosure. For the smaller kids, you can opt for the smaller scale plastic bouncers. There’s practically no chance of them hurting themselves in those little things.

Backyard Games

Games are another activity that kids can play outside alone or with the family. Team up for a game of soccer or bocce. Enjoy basketball with a new goal, or consider a T-ball set for the little ones. Outdoor games can keep the kids going for hours and will wear them out sufficiently for a good night’s sleep!


You don’t need to go camping to camp out. Ask my brothers and me. We built campfires in the backyard and took our snacks out there and acted like we were “camping.” I’m not advocating pyromania, but I am advocating some fun-and safe-backyard camping. We didn’t even have a tent! Get those kids a tent, and they will have the best time camping in the safety of their own yard. In my experience, they probably won’t even stay out there all night, but they will be out there for a while. Camping in the backyard is great fun!

Bikes and Trikes

Of course, riding tricycles and bicycles is another classic summer pastime for kids. There are so many colors and styles to choose from. And there’s the cool scooter, too. Whatever you choose, don’t forget the protective helmets.

Get the kids out of the house this summer with safe and fun toys. I’ve listed just a few possibilities, but there are many more to suit your children and family as a whole. If you don’t know exactly what to choose, Toys R Us is a great place to start. Shopping online allows you the luxury of looking through and comparing different swing sets, outdoor games, bicycles, and all varieties of outdoor toys for summer. Use Toys R Us promo codes to save. While you’re online, you might also check out other stores that could have just the items you are looking for. Using Coupon Codes will save you money on lots of different items. Whatever you choose for your backyard summer fun, be safe…and enjoy the outdoors!