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Save on your Next Cell Phone

How would you answer if asked what are the basic necessities of life? Well, the usual ‘Food, Clothing and Shelter’ is a passé now. The love for gadgets has added another term ‘Cell phone’ into the list. It is, in no way, lesser than a basic necessity of life. People are ready to shell out any insane amount if that lands them with a cell phone that speaks volumes about their standard. But what if we tell you that you have been spending way too much for the same and that you could easily save some bucks?

But it is never too late. We have brought you a set of tips that you can exercise the next time you set out to buy a new cell phone…

  • Know it all

Just like any other item, it is very much important for us to know the variants that exist in the market. There is a whole big gamut of pointers that you must consider before you step out. Make sure you know that there are several cameras of varying megapixel values. Choose whether or not you wish to have a multimedia player in your handset. Besides, there are some who would choose a QWERTY keypad over an ordinary one. It is also a point worth considering whether or not your new cell phone is capable of Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Check it all beforehand and shortlist a cell phone accordingly.

  • Know your provider

A cell phone is a mere box if it is not compatible with your service provider. It is strictly commended to decide your service provider before buying the cell phone. Today, the SIM cards are available in GSM and CDMA versions. While a cell phone is GSM-friendly by default, it takes a special configuration to operate a CDMA number. Thus, know it beforehand and escape buying a cell phone that could mean nothing for you later.

  • Operating Systems

The market is full of several operating systems, each one surpassing the other one. But it is a project in itself to decide which one you should go for. However, it is wise for you to do some survey about the available operating systems on the Internet before you shell out any money on the cell phone. For instance, Android is considered to be the best operating system as it has over 60,000 applications and allows a free hand over anything that you would want.

Thus, buying a cell phone is quite like buying any other thing. You need to know the basic few points that might save you from wasting a single penny on a wrong thing.