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Saving tips for Halloween decorations


Gone are the days when Halloween would just be a tiny family celebration. Now it’s a big major festival and the kids are super excited. So if you haven’t saved the Halloween decorations from last year, it’s time to spend a little. No actually quite a bit. Believe it or not, the creepy décor is a little expensive, especially if you buy them in peak Halloween season. But there are ways in which you can deck up your home in skeletons and cob webs and still have enough left to sponsor some costumes or Halloween candies for the kids that come knocking at your doors! Keep reading to know what you can do differently:

  1. First check out the dollar stores. They have undergone a huge facelift in terms of product quality. So ideally they should be your first stop. Shopping online can also be a smart option. You can avail deals and discounts and generally save up a little cash. Check out thrift stores and garage sales also. But go to them a little in advance. The week preceding Halloween will anyway be a little busy and you can’t be shopping and saving at the same time then.
  2. Go home-made décor. Making ghosts and other creepy lamps are quite easy. Tie sheets around the lamp post in your garden and then let it flutter in the wind. Add a few chains and links to make the steely sound. Cover the lamps in your rooms with colored paper with slits in between so that they are projected differently on the walls. Making your own Halloween decorations also has a charm to it. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet that can instruct you on making Halloween décor from things lying around at home.
  3. Make your own jack o lanterns. They are not that difficult to make and all they require is a little time from you. If you have the space, grow them yourself and if not then pick them from the local grocery store. That will be a little expensive though.
  4. Take a look at your local craigslist site too. You can get some great deals if you want to buy in bulk. But go during the day time so you can inspect the pieces better and never negotiate these sales online.
  5. Ask your friends if there are any decorations that they are not using in their homes and then incorporate these into your place. It will not take much to spice things up!

Just follow these tiny tips and you can actually have a subsidized Halloween celebration. Also check out your local newspaper for coupons and deals that you can avail at the supermarket and the like. Plan in advance, make a list, and stick to your listwhile shopping. That will save a lot of time, money and effort. Reuse older costumes by fine tuning them with some cool new accessories. It’s not that difficult to save up and have fun at the same time!