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5 Savings Hacks for Super Bowl Sunday Dinner


Hosting a Super Bowl bash can be the highlight of the year. It can also be a drain your energy, not to mention your budget. Hosting dinner for 15+ of your closest friends keeps you slaving in the kitchen for hours, not to mention all the lost money you’ve spent on food. To enjoy game day, and save that cash, try one of these Super Bowl party hacks:

Skip Dinner

With the game starting at 6:30, there’s no reason you must feel obligated to serve a full meal. People can eat before they come, and load up on snacks if they’re searching for something to chase that beer with. Have chips, pretzels, and pigs in a blanket on hand, but don’t feel the need to go above and beyond your call of duty. Odds are the person putting the most pressure on you to produce a three course meal is yourself.

Go Potluck

Still feel weird not serving a meal? Make it potluck. To lower the stress, don’t feel like you have to coordinate what everyone brings. Simply assign out the blanket topics of entree, sides, or desserts to each family, couple, or individual that will be attending. If you have a huge group coming, you can assign multiple people to each category so that no one person is stuck making a massive amount of food. As host, you can be generous and take on the cost of beer. You’re still being gracious while saving money and time.

Call it in

Don’t want to cook on Super Bowl Sunday? No one’s going to judge. Especially if you order pizza. But when you’re ordering for a large group, the pricetag on that pie is going to do some damage to your budget.

It will, that is, unless you use coupons. Take Papa John’s for example. They have a Groupon out for 46% off. You’ll have to pick it up, but for that savings, you could easily pop out to pick up the food, and have everyone start their meal before kickoff.

Bust Out the Crockpot

The ultimate in easy cooking, the crockpot is your best friend for cooking a great meal on a day when you don’t feel like cooking. Whether it’s pulled pork, a roast, or a vegetarian feast, there are tons of delicious food options you can throw in the crockpot without having to slave over a meal. We highly recommend the vegetarian feast; it’s a Mexican casserole that will save you oodles over buying large quantities of meat.


Start the party early, and tailgate before the game. Grill out in your backyard with hot dogs and hamburgers, which you’ll likely find on sale at your local grocer between now and Sunday. If you don’t even feel like firing up the grill, there’s probably someone in the group who prides themselves on their grill prowess, and will enjoy taking the task on for you. By 6:30, everyone will be well-fed and ready to head inside for all the excitement.