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Travel Gear for Your Dog

Pets are a part of your family. Sometimes, it just doesn’t seem right to go on vacation and leave them at home, even with the best of sitters.

Bringing Fido along can be a challenge, though. Staying comfortable in the backseat can be a challenge. Heck, even keeping them in the backseat can be a challenge. And what do you do about food and water? How about if there’s a medical emergency?

We think your dog should get to come on vacation, too. After you’ve located a pet-friendly hotel or Airbnb rental, Orvis will help you get on the road without those minor (and major) inconveniences.

The Backseat


When you travel with a dog, you want them to be comfortable. Many times the backseat isn’t big enough, and even for small dogs, it’s too easy to slip around.

That’s why we like this windowed hammock. It attaches to the front and back of the seat area, meaning that even if they slide around they won’t fall onto the floor. It also serves to keep them in the back seat instead of hopping over the middle console and into the driver’s seat. Because there is a window, though, you can still keep an eye on them and interact without it becoming a dangerous situation. The hammock also protects the backseat from too much shedding.

Alternative Transport


Don’t like the hammock idea? Try this lightweight travel crate instead. It’s easy to lift in and out of the car for transport between your house and destination. It also keeps your pup safe. With rounded corners, the inside of your car will be safe, too.



Traveling with food also presents its challenges. Big kibble bags are heavy and take up a lot of space. Honestly, if you’re traveling for a long period of time, you may not be able to get away from that fact. But if you’re only going away for the weekend, you could use something much smaller, yet still airtight like this Traveler’s Kit.

The canvas food “bowl” also seals shut so you won’t have to worry about it spilling in the moving car, and the water bowl won’t take up as much space.

First Aid Kit


When you’re on the road, you’re inherently further away from your normal vet. While you should absolutely seek veterinary care in case of emergencies, even if you’re away from home, having a first aid kit can help you treat small injuries when they happen. This is especially true if you are doing something like camping or hiking where a vet may not be easily accessible or where your cell service isn’t coming through strong. When you’re outdoors, your dog will be even more likely to get injured as they interact with nature. Getting outside is fun and healthy, but also potentially exposes them to physical threats like snakes and porcupines. A first aid kit can really make the difference until you get to a location where your beloved pet can get proper medical care.