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Sentimental Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

When it comes to their children, moms get sentimental. As you’re shopping for gifts this Mother’s Day, odds are you won’t be able to go too sappy. With that in mind, here are two of our favorite sentimental gifts for mother’s day.

Photo Books


Photo books are a great way to take a stroll down memory lane. They’re also a great way to show mom how appreciated she is, whether you’re shopping for a mother of young children or an empty nester.

Not all photo books have to look the same, though. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve got you covered. You could make a photo book:

  • Documenting Your Relationship. This one is particularly great for spouses. Use pictures from your dating days, you wedding, baby’s arrival, and baby’s growth up to today. Be sure to include lots of pictures of mom with her children, and use text boxes to insert heart-felt notes along the visual journey.
  • Documenting Her Year. If you make this an annual gift, you can put in photos from the best moments of the past twelve months. By the time the kiddo graduates high school, mom will have an anthology of great memories.
  • Documenting a Trip. Did you go to Vail over Christmas break? Hit up the beach last summer? Go to Cancun over Spring Break? Document the trip that was most important to her, and you’re sure to get a smile.
  • Document Her Children. Especially great for grandmothers, document her children. Give them each a dedicated section, showing how they’ve grown from tiny babies into full-grown adults, being sure to include any shots of the grandkids.
  • Document Her History. Who doesn’t have a mother or grandmother with old family photos? Preserve them for her for the long haul by scanning them into digital form now. Then put them into a photo book, noting who exactly each person was. Be sure to not violate any copyrights on recent family photos that may have been taken by a studio or professional photographer. Also be sure to get professional help before removing any old photos from picture frames; they could easily deteriorate as you try to remove them.

Our go-to place for photo books is Shutterfly, and they just so happen to have a lot of great promo codes to up your savings.

Engraved Gifts


Engraved, personalized gifts are amazing. We’re big fans of personalized jewelry, and with so many artisans now available online, Etsy is a great place to get it. There, you can shop gifts that are engraved with loved ones literal signatures. You scan and send the signature digitally, and then the artist puts it on the selected jewelry piece.

If her parents have passed on, getting one with her own mom or dad’s signature could be priceless. Know what else could be priceless? Getting their little one’s own John Hancock on a bracelet or necklace made of precious metals. Have them write out “I love you, Mom!” and you’ll have given her a prize piece for her collection.