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Seven Tips For Saving Money At Departmental Stores

Who doesn’t want to save more than what they are already saving? And saving on your monthly grocery bills can actually result in more savings. Women reading this bit, get excited as the money saved can help you buy the dress or shoes you saw at the designer studio while your last visit.

Departmental Stores

Keep reading to find out how you can actually save money on your departmental store purchases:

  1. Read the circulars before you go out buying: Every departmental store in and around your area will send out a circular outlining their offers for the week or the weekend. Some have coupons and other great discounts. So before you go shopping check out what each store has to offer and make a list of where you are saving how much. I dint say that saving will come easy! You have to put in some minimal effort!
  2. Don’t go all over the place: All the circulars that you checked out don’t warrant a trip. Pick out the ones that can get you the most benefits and go buying. Too many trips will waste time, gas and energy.
  3. Fly solo: Yes, this is perhaps the biggest secret to saving money. You have a well thought out budget and then your better half comes along and wants a six pack beer or your kids want some random candy and the like. So the best is to get your personal grocery shopping list together and go by yourself. Don’t spend too long in one aisle. If something catches your eye, think about when you will use it. If the date of usage is three months later, chuck it. Get it when you really want it!
  4. Use the grey matter a bit: Like I have been saying, don’t go by a ballpark figure. Do some actual calculation to see how much you are saving. Take out that calculator and jot down what money is going where and what you are going to do about it. Make a comparison table and see where you get the maximum benefit.
  5. Use loyalty bonuses and store cards when shopping: The cards that give you membership options and loyalty offers too. Every time that you shop, some points are added to your account. You can cash in on them and also avail some discounts, thus resulting in more savings for you.
  6. Use your coupons too: Some of you are avid coupon collectors. But when it comes to using them, you are a lazy bunch! Go and use them before they expire. That way you can actually save and also have stock at home for when you need. You see the expiry date and then keep putting it off. Well! go within the following week and claim it! And yes, go walking, will help you burn the extra calories too!
  7. Buying in bulk: Be smart about buying in bulk. Don’t buy short term perishables like fruits and veggies in bulk. You will need a big freezer to stock them and they will lose all their nutritional value anyway. So buy stuff like juices, preservatives, cheese and the like.

It’s not very difficult to shave off a few dollars every week and at the end of the month you will have a lot of money left. Get yourself a facial then! So much for saving money!