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Shave Your Shaving Costs for Summer


This is it ladies:  it is officially summer.  It’s time for skirts, bikinis, tank tops, and shaving above the knee.  In the winter you can cut shaving costs by leaving unexposed areas go a little longer, or even not shaving every gosh darn day.  (Don’t gasp!  We’ve all done it.)  But with the sun out, and wardrobes built for warmer weather, shaving can turn into an annoying chore, and a pricey one at that.

We’ve assembled three tips to help you keep your costs low this summer.

1. Dump Your Shaving Cream

Shaving cream ranges from $1 to why-the-heck-is-this-so-expensive.  If you do end up using a cheaper brand, you’re more likely to get razor burn.  Buck the tradition of shaving cream this year, and do something that’s not only better for your skin, but also better for your wallet.

Use an exfoliant with an oil base to shave instead.  A little goes a long way; a pinch can cover an entire leg.  Using less means saving more.  Exfoliating opens up your pores, allowing for a closer shave without a lot of irritation.  The oils leftover help your razor glide, and can help moisturize and replenish your skin.

Want to get even more frugal?  Make your own exfoliant.  All you need is some organic coconut oil (we like Spectrum’s on My Natural Market) and brown sugar.   Mix them together until you have a consistency you like, and you’ll have your own exfoliant shaving aid for pennies on the dollar. (We’ve also found honey to be a good substitute for oil.)

2. Grab His Razors

The Pink Tax is a real thing.  Women pay, on average, $1,400 more a year than men for the same exact products.  Ours may be pink or come in different scents, but other than color and smell, all the other aspects of many of our day-to-day products are the same down to the ingredient list.

Razors are a great example of the Pink Tax.  We pay a lot more for the same product because the handle is a different color or the packaging has flowers on it.  The razors themselves are often indistinguishable.  If you’re worried about sensitive skin, know that it’s not a problem unique to women.  Men have sensitive skin, too, and the razors marketed to them for the problem are still cheaper than those marketed to women.

Avoid the Pink Tax.  Buy men’s razors.  While you’re at it, check out Dorco.  They do shaving products at fantastic prices.  You’ll save a good bit of money by ordering online over picking up blades every time you run to the grocery store.

3. Soy Your Lotion

When applied to hair, soy slows growth and shrinks the follicle.  Most people start seeing results in about four weeks.  If you want to shave less, look for a lotion with soy as a prominent ingredient.  If you’re going to be moisturizing anyways, you might as well use a product that could reduce how often you have to use those razors and shaving creams/exfoliants in the first place.