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Shipping Gifts Responsibly: Tips for Packing

Sometimes, the holidays can be lonely, especially if you’re physically far away from your family. When you’re away at college, deployed, or just in another place, your loved ones can feel distant, but a big, well-packed box of wrapped packages can be a bright light in someone’s season. On the other hand, a package of improperly packaged gifts that have been smashed and bashed by the shipping company is definitely a downer. When you’re packing up gifts to ship out to someone special, follow these top gift packing and shipping tips to ensure that your gifts arrive safely.


1. Bubble Wrap is Your Friend

Did you know that you can get entire rolls of bubble wrap at your local office supply store? Seriously! You can cover your entire life in this protective material, and it’s incredibly good at keeping gift box corners from getting bashed up in transit. If there’s a Staples nearby, you could save up to $20 with this promotion. You could buy all the bubble wrap you could possibly need, and save money doing it!

Stacked Boxes

2. Heaviest on the Bottom, Lightest on the Top

When there are many gifts going into the same box, organization is key. To prevent gift boxes from collapsing, place the largest, heaviest packages on the bottom of the box. Build on top of that (incorporating padding of course) with the lighter boxes, finishing with the lightest packages on the top. Once you’re all packed and sealed up, be sure to designate which side of the box is up. Typically, shipping and postal employees are considerate of instructions that are written on the box.


3. Label Everything!

When your family is settled down in all different parts of the country or world, that box your packing is going to be full of gifts for an entire family! Using cute labels not only makes your gift packages look beautiful, but it can also spare frustration on the end of the person who is unpacking the box. If you’ve ever been around kids when unlabeled presents are nearby, you know what I’m talking about. Print off custom labels to take it to the next level and get up to 20% off at Mabel’s Labels using our coupon code.


4. Make it Cute

Since you can’t be there to hand-deliver the gifts to their recipients, make the presentation extra special. That will make up for your absence a little bit and give some warm fuzzy feelings to boot. Consider adding different types of padding, tissue paper, ribbons, and note cards to your gift delivery to add something unforgettable about your presentation.

Do you have additional packing tips or tricks to add? Leave them in the comments!