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Shop at D-Link Corporation, for All Your Networking Products

D-Link Corporation is a company that deals with Networking and communications products. These are the types of products that help as to interconnect computers to create a network so as to be able to make use of shared resources. The company began as a network adapter vendor in 1986 when it was founded in Tapei. Its original name was Datex Systems Inc. before changing to D-Link Corporation in 1994. In the early days, it was only selling network adapters before later on turning to become a designer, developer, and renowned manufacturer of networking solutions for consumers, business markets, governments, and corporate.

D-Link Store

D-Link Corporation helps you to stay networked with the rest of the world by providing you with award wining network products and most up-to-date solutions and services. This could be products for home consumers, a business or a service provider.

This is made possible by providing you with devices that helps you to:

• Connect: – these are devices like Routers, Shareport, Switches, Network Adapters, Access Points, Range Extenders & Bridges, KVM Switches, Powers Wire, Modems and Gateways, Print Servers, USB Hubs, Accessories, MOCA and many more.

• View: – These devices will help you to view while you are in a network for instance Network Cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVRs).

• Share: – These devices are a wide range of Network Attached Storages (NAS), which allow you to store, share and manage all your digital content, including music, movies, digital photos and work files.

• Entertain: – On this area you can shop for media players for instance Boxes TV, Movienite Plus, Boxee Box.

• Work: – there are mobile broadband devices in this category that you can buy to help you work remotely. These devices will make sure you are always connected and productive even when on the move. These are devices like Mobile Broadband Wireless Router, 3G Mobile Router, Wireless N Pocket Router and Access point.

Business solutions offered by D-Link

There are Business solutions at D-Link that will cater for your needs. You can go far Wireless, Switching, IP Surveillance, Network Storage, Security Products and other services.

Services provider solutions from D-Link

If you are looking for service provider solutions, this is the place to look for. D-Link provides an extensive range of customer premise equipment and network infrastructure devices that will help you develop and deliver innovative services to your customers. Their products are of guaranteed excellence, high quality, reliable, compatible and high-performance. Their qualified technicians will do the installation for you.
Shopping at D-Link online shop, you will also get products at a discounted price and great deals enabling you to same money.