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Shop For These 3 Items During Presidents Day Sales and Save BIG!

If you want to take your President’s Day Sale shopping to the next level, it’s time to start thinking about shopping trends.


Retailers are constantly paying attention to the shopping habits of their customers. This helps them provide the right items at the right time, and in turn, helps them to maximize their profit.

It’s time we turned the tables back around and starting using shopping trends for consumer benefits. Watching the actions of retailers can ultimately lead to you saving tons of money. While shopping the upcoming Presidents Day sales, keep in mind the following shopping trends, and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll save!

La Z Boy Loveseat Sofa


Spring cleaning often leads to spring redecorating. Furniture is usually really expensive, so decisions to buy a new piece should not be taken lightly. Unless, of course, you are buying new furniture at the one time of year when it’s usually on sale!

One of America’s favorite furniture brands is La-Z-Boy. They make some of the most comfortable and stylish furniture for the modern home. After spending the last several years stepping up their design department, they’ve now accumulated an impressive array of modern, functional furniture! And all of it has the comfort of your favorite recliner.

During President’s Day Sales, check our promotions to save up to 50% off on La-Z-Boy furniture! Adding a piece of this classic American furniture to your family room will be a move you won’t regret. Especially after that piece of furniture lasts you decades and decades!

JCPenney Winter Parka

Winter Coats & Cold Weather Gear

Now that we’re nearing the end of winter, retailers are starting to make room for new spring merchandise. That means all of these coats, boots, hats, and scarves are in the way! The best way to get rid of all this clutter? President’s Day sales.

Look for these items to be marked down up to 65% off! Some retailers could mark them down even more. Many heavy winter jackets and coats will likely be included in the sales, but also be on the lookout for lightweight jackets that may be lumped in with the winter gear. You could end up with the perfect spring jacket with a hugely discounted price!

JCPenney always has a great selection of well-known brands in their winter clothing department. If you pick anything up, be sure to apply JCPenney’s coupons to make the most of your trip! Save at least $10 on your order – possibly more!

Ogio Mens Golf Bag

Golf Gear

If you or someone in your family is a bigtime golfer, or needs some encouragement to push them to get active, it’s time to pick up some golfing equipment.

Late February and March are huge months for golf shops. People are getting ready for spring, when it will finally be light enough for long enough to actually make it through 18 holes! At Academy Sports, our coupons might save you even more during the President’s Day Sale, and their selection of golfing equipment and accessories is huge.