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Shopping on Wal* at Home

Wal* offers everything that their stores do and more. The store’s website allows you to do all of your shopping right at home. You can even shop in your pajamas if you like! No matter how you decide to do your shopping on Wal*, you are sure to be happy with your experience.

Wal*Mart has many different distribution centers spread around the world. When you place an order you can choose to have your item shipped to your home or you can pick up your item(s) at the store closest to you. If you choose to pick up the merchandise at the store, you will not pay a fee for shipping.


Wal* also has a lot of great freebies. You can sign up to be alerted when freebies are available. You do not have to choose just one free sample – you can pick all of them! When you order products to be shipped to your home Wal*Mart includes a variety of free samples in with your orders. Most samples are small but occasionally you will find full size products. The large size samples are usually sent to people that order often from the website.

Nearly every item shown on the website can be sent to your home. Sometimes you will not be able to have an item delivered. When this happens you must pick the item up at the closest store. This is usually the case with very big items such as swing sets and above ground swimming pools.

Not only will you find the ‘normal’ Wal*Mart stock on the website, you will also find groceries. Shelf stable items and frozen foods are the norm. Some perishable items can be shipped, it depends on where you are located. Honey is one perishable that can be shipped.

Alcoholic beverages are listed on the site but must be purchased in store.

The website also has interactive sales ads. You can search through clearance items, and certain times of the year you may find free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount. There is a store finder which allows you to place your code in the empty field, then the site for search for stores near you.

As mentioned before, there are many distribution centers around the world. You will not always receive your entire order at the same time. This is because WalMart fills orders based on where the items are located in distribution centers. If you live in New York State, but you have a large order that is coming from different distribution centers, your order may arrive in several different boxes from several different states.

Every shipment from Wal*Mart is carefully packed to ensure products are not broken. If you find that something has been damaged, just use the online contact forms and the company will replace your item or refund your money.