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Shopping Tips for Teenagers

kids_022kids_011The teenagers of today are not like the teenagers in our times. They do not think twice before picking up a pair of jeans that costs twice the amount it looks, and neither do they pause for a second before snapping out their credit cards. If they have it, they flaunt it. With globalization playing its best to keep them going stronger in their shopping spree, it is hard to hold them back from spending too much. But we have taken a chance this time. We have pinned out some points that your teenager would want to take notice if he does not wish to blow his budget…

Enlist all the items that you need to purchase. But before that, realise that there is a difference between Need and Want. Sum up the estimated costs, and fix your budget right there, without allowing yourself any flexibility.

Find a shop that sells only what you need. Avoid shopping in malls or other departmental stores where you are more likely to go astray and pick up something that was not in your list.

Get rid of the pamphlets a day before you leave for the outing. The more impressive they are, the more chances you stand of rushing to them and buying a bulk that you don’t need anyway.

If you don’t need it, you shouldn’t pick it up even if it’s free of cost. Do not lose your mind if you see something really cheap. You don’t need it. Full-stop.

The age factor comes into play right here. Teenagers stand a risk of shelling out bucks if they see anything on sale. Do not do that if it is not in the list. But if it is, go ahead!

If you are out into the mall with a friend, the chances are that you would try to match up with her. Even if she pulls out a bill, you have to put yours back in. Do not try to match up with her. Probably she is making the purchases that will last her a year, while yours are just for two months.

If you have bought something that wasn’t needed, and that you know you won’t use once you enter your home, put it right back. And if you have paid for it, talk to the staff, and return it right away.