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Simple Christmas Decorations for Your Home


Decorating for Christmas is a tradition enjoyed by many people of all ages. Decorating trends change every year, so you’ll want to decide whether or not to decorate with traditional decor in mind, or to go modern. Depending on the designs and color schemes in your home, there are lots of unique ways you can decorate, even when on a budget. Start with the big pieces that you already own, like furniture, and work your holiday decor around those featured items. Big showpieces like mantles and fireplace hearths make for stunning displays when you add simple and subtle touches to them.


Christmas decor can start outside to make a welcoming space for your holiday guests. There are so many fun ways to decorate the outside of your home. Star by adding a simple wreath to your front door to add a little Christmas cheer. You can buy a beautiful wreath with lights to add to windows and doors of your home at Home Depot. You can save up to 30% on furniture and decor. When decorating with wreaths, don’t forget an over the door hanger for the wreath to hand on. You can use a plain door hanger, a holiday hanger, or an everyday hanger with an intricate design. To hand wreaths in windows, use reusable hooks or suction cups. These will easily adhere to the windows without leaving any residue behind.


Create a stunning entryway with beautiful garlands and lanterns. Use blank garlands and add your own touches with lights, and craft picks that you can find at craft stores. The holiday picks and sprays are usually inexpensive (under $5.00 each, and often on sale), and can be used in excess or sparingly to create different looks. You can easily create a tree shaped topiary by tying two swags together, and turning the upside down. Add them to decorative urns and place along your front entry way. You can also purchase stunning lanterns from IKEA’s textile collection. Fill the lanterns with pillar candles, or colored ornaments, and line them along your front walk or stairway. You’ll create a gorgeous. welcoming scene that your neighbors and guests will love! Stock up on even more holiday items from IKEA when you purchase the lanterns- you can save $25.00 when you spend $150.00+ (before tax).


Decorating with inflatables may be deemed tacky to some, but it can really bring a lot of holiday joy to young and old. Kids especially love to see their favorite characters as larger than life holiday displays. If you have a lot of children in your neighborhood, or have kids at home, why not add to the fun this season and place some cute characters out among the holiday lights? You can go with a theme, like Star Wars, which is really popular this year among the release of Rogue One. You could also go with classic characters like Snoopy and Charlie brown, or Santa and Frosty the Snowman.

Don’t forget about the lights! Adding lights is a great way to liven up your holiday decor, even if you don’t have a lot of time or money. Simply adding some lights to your front porch or walkway will usher in the holiday spirit, and delight neighbors and guests.