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Simple Frugal Living Tips To Save On Everyday Expenses

Inflation, recession, you name it. There is always some economic crisis. Unemployment is skyrocketing and money is hard to come by. We are all looking to save a pretty penny any way we can so start now before the pocket runs dry!

Save On Everyday Expenses

Some expenses may accrue monthly but we do use these products are services everyday, hence we say everyday expenses.

Everyday expenses and saving tips

  • Electricity: Maybe one of the most expenses of all the utilities. We use electricity to read, cook, refrigerate stuff, wash our clothes and so much more. Simple tips on conserving energy would be to turn out the lights when not in use, line dry clothes in the summer, hand wash delicates, take all the items from the fridge at the same time when preparing meals (if possible), unplug unused appliances including phone chargers.
  • Water is a precious commodity that we just can’t live without. We can live without electricity but was if life. We can die of thirst. Remember that to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth until you are ready to rinse (best to use a cup for that), turn off shower until you lather, 1 large load of wash uses less water than two medium loads (also save on electricity). Hand wash dishes, set toilet tank to minimum flush (see inside tank for water levels), turn off main when going out of town, take short showers instead of baths.
  • Telephone: You don’t need all those features you pay for but never use. Go through the additional services your telephone company offers and see what you can definitely do without. As a matter of fact, you need to shop around to make sure you are getting the best service for your money. Disable long distance calling on your phone and use a prepaid card when making calls out of state and out of country. Utilize toll free numbers as much as possible. Use a cell phone to make cellular calls instead of your land line. Go prepaid so you use only what you already paid for.
  • Cable: Do you really need all those movie and sports channels you never watch. Wouldn’t it be more economical to rent a movie and have a movie night once per week?
  • Groceries and food: Time to start making all your meals. Stop the fast food. Fast food is not only expensive but unhealthy. Take a sandwich and a salad to work instead of buying lunch everyday. Bargain shop when grocery shopping. Look for items on sale or discounted items.

Other ways to save

Frugal living includes finding ways to save while still living comfortably. It in no way implies not having the things you want, it just means having the things you want in a more economical way.

For example

  • covering old sofas with new fabric
  • painting some furniture to look like new or stripping and sanding to give a more natural look
  • recycling, reusing and repurposing stuff around the home
  • trying your hand at making your own curtains, napkins, coasters
  • growing your own fruits and vegetables
  • recycling old clothes to make new stuff
  • styling your own hair
  • making your own skin care products
  • making your own soap
  • using green cleaning agents

There are so many ways to save in these hard times. Live frugally and you will have more.