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Simple Home Updates on a Budget

Designers say that you should update your home every seven years. There are lots of ways to shop for accent pieces on a budget (think clearance at Pier 1, Homegoods, and Overstock). But some of us are budgeted for money AND time. And since it’s not always realistic to completely redecorate your home every seven years, we’ve compiled some time saving ideas that will freshen up your space without breaking the bank.

Paint a canvas

This can be a fun thing to do with your family. Buy blank canvases and paint them the same color as your wall. Check out a local craft store for this, like Michaels. It will add dimension and subtle style to the space. There’s also tons of DIY tutorials. Remember, huge walls call for huge canvases.  It’s also almost always a cheaper option to buy a decorated canvas. And, better yet, sites like Living Social and Groupon almost always offer deals on sites that allow to create your own canvases using family photos. A collection of these over the couch could be fun!

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Create a dual purpose side table

This is so easy! You can use an existing piece of furniture, or buy an inexpensive modular unit from Amazon or Ikea. The idea is to be able to stack books, insert basket, and place a lamp on the top. It adds interest to the space, saves space and actually serves more than one purpose. Add modern simplicity by opting out of expensive wood finishes.

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Hang plates

Unexpected, right? Make it your mission to pick up a plate whenever you’re out and about. Try consignment shops, TJ Maxx, Pier 1, and other speciality stores for cool-looking plates that might match your color scheme. You can hang a collection of plates on any wall–don’t think they’re just for the kitchen! This works in the sitting room, bedroom or bathroom!

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Repurpose hand-me downs and antiques

Antique shops can be very expensive. Instead, try a consignment shop, or even good will to find odds and ends that you might use as decor more than furniture. One great example is an old chair as a nightstand. It adds charm, originality and creativity to the bedroom. It can be an easy spray paint or stain project, if you find the perfect piece in the wrong color. If you want to get REALLY creative, stencil some flowers or designs on the surface or your chair, lampshade, end table, etc.

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New Pillows

New pillows, a slip cover and a throw blanket will make a world of difference. You can update your pillows based on season, or a whim. Throw your old ones in the closet and they will feel new again next year! If you shelled out for your pillows, you can always change the covers on the cheap. Try Pottery Barn for refreshing spring designs!

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