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Simple Living: The New Way to Increase Your Savings

Living a simple life has so many benefits to give especially our economy nowadays is struggling to get to its feet. It can help you increase your savings because it pushes you to make the most of what you have right now without spending a dime for new things especially if you can make or do it without going to shops. It can prepare you on times of emergency, times of recession or any other unexpected problems that will come your way.

Top 10 Benefits of Living a Simple Life

In reality, switching to a simpler life is not just an easy task to do. It means cutting your relationship with shopping malls and gift shops, resisting the urge to buy unnecessary things and gadgets, reducing grocery list and by going green inside your home to cut your utilities expenses. But by just living simply, you can reap a handful of benefits that would make you prepared while enjoying your life to the fullest.

New Way to Increase Your Savings

  1. A simple life can eliminate stress, worries and reduce our busyness thus we have more time to relax
  2. A simple life can make us more creative and organized with things around our house
  3. A simple life changes our perception on our surroundings and our reaction to any changes or events
  4. A simple life makes it easier to manage bills and payments – because we know how to budget!
  5. A simple life can increase your savings so you don’t have to worry about tomorrow
  6. A simple life helps keep you and your family healthy and can create more quality bonding time with them
  7. A simple life pushes you to go green at home thus you contribute to a lifetime preservation of the environment
  8. A simple life reduce your debts while increasing your earnings
  9. A simple life can help you reach your goals in life.
  10. A simple life helps you to appreciate simple things in life making you contented and happy

When switching to a much simpler life, there are also things that you must always remember to keep you right on track. A simple life doesn’t mean sacrificing and starving your family but you are just living practically together with simple things in life.

5 Things to Remember:

  1. Always think before you spend on unnecessary things and gadgets; distinguish your needs from your wants.
  2. Be a smart shopper to get good deals either on groceries or clothing (use coupons and shop when there’s sale)
  3. Bring a list whenever you go out to buy something and stick to your list plan to avoid impulse buying.
  4. Always choose to recycle and reuse old things – be more creative!
  5. Keep a budget journal to track down your expenses on a certain amount of time so you will know where your hard-earned money goes. This budget journal will also help you manage your finances wisely while keeping track of the in and out of money.

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