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Singles Day: The New Shopping Holiday

The hottest new thing in the world of sales and savings is Singles Day.

Haven’t heard of it? That’s probably because it started in China, but is now expanding into the world market. Because of the size of the market already participating in these sales, it’s on par or possibly even bigger than Black Friday.


So what is Singles Day? While we’re celebrating Veterans’ Day here in the States on November 11, uncoupled individuals in China celebrate the joy of being unromantically involved. On November 11th, the date reads 11-11, which is pretty perfect for those who are not in a “2” relationship. This is a day for single people.

It is also a massive shopping holiday. To cash in on all the consumerism, a ton of companies offer sales. Since the internet is spreading cultural influence more quickly than anything in the past, Singles Day sales are expanding worldwide. And we just happen to have some ways you can get in on the goodness.
Note: Because of the time difference, be aware that you are going to want to shop on November 10 rather than November 11. Some sales will end on November 11, but that’s according to Chinese clocks. Here in North America we’re almost an entire day behind.

Michael Kors

If you’re into fashion, or have anyone on your holiday shopping list that is, you’re going to want to check out the Singles Day deals that Michael Kors is rocking.

First, there are select styles that are only $48. For those of you familiar with the Michael Kors line, you know what a huge deal that is, and the amount of value you’ll be getting for a very small dollar amount.

If you can’t find the perfect item in the $48 category, you can also explore select items that are running at 50% off. With most items well over $100, that adds up to some massive savings.

Shipping: Free!

Sales End: November 11, 2016


As a massive e-commerce site, you can think of Lazada as akin to Amazon. For Singles Day, they’ll be running a slew of mega deals including 74% off select items, and you can even unlock a secret voucher to save even more money.

Shipping: Select items ship free.


LN-CC is fashion for progressives. The styles, curated from designers all over the world, are constantly pushing boundaries, and attempt to do so in an eco-conscious way.

For Singles Day, LN-CC is offering 30% off select items plus 10% off any order.

Shipping: Full-priced items ship free.


Jolly Chic is another fashion retailer, but aside from retail, they also offer wholesale prices on some of their designer items. Singles Day sales include 50% off ALL items and a $30 bonus.

Shipping: Free shipping on orders to the US $69+, free shipping internationally $99+.


We heart Gearbest year-round for tech-y products, accessories and other related needs. They’re giving us even more of a reason to love them on Singles Day. They have some amazing promo codes for the holiday, including items up to 80% and opportunities to get free gifts.

Shipping: Free!