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6 Fun Outdoor Dates to Enjoy This Spring

Springtime is the season for romance. You may have felt content to sit on the couch all winter with your significant other, but now is the time to get outside, enjoy the weather and renew your budding romance. Are you ready to spark your passion for one another again? Here are a few fun ideas for your next spring date.

Plan to Eat Outside

Enjoy that moderate springtime weather with an evening outdoors. Grab a blanket and a bottle of wine and plan an early evening picnic out in the woods or in your own backyard. Prepare finger foods that are easy to serve and require little to no silverware or walk through your local grocer and search for pre-made sandwiches and side salads. If you’d prefer to let someone else do all of the cooking, reserve an outside table at a quaint café where you can sip your drink and enjoy the breeze.

Play Mini-Golf

Mini golf, otherwise known as putt putt, always makes for a fun evening outside. Head out to the miniature golf course early in the evening when the sun is setting. For some reason it feels more exciting to play when the sky gets dark and the lights turn on. Start a friendly competition to see who can get the lowest score or who can score a hole in one. Search for discounted mini golf coupons on Groupon.

Visit an Amusement Park

Spring is the perfect season for a trip to the amusement park. You will typically find shorter lines and cheaper prices this time of year. Most families with kids delay their theme park trips until their children are out of school for the summer. With fewer crowds you’ll spend much less time standing in line and a whole lot more time enjoying the park. Keep an eye on the forecast and pick a moderately warm day that will keep you both comfortable and relaxed as you make your way from ride to ride. Amusement parks, like Six Flags, offer an all day adventure so plan to spend a lot of time walking around hand-in-hand playing games, eating carnival foods and experiencing the thrill of the rides.

Go to the Ballpark

What could be more enjoyable than a day at the ballpark? You get to eat peanuts, crackerjacks and hot dogs all while cheering on your favorite team. Spring weather can be quite warm, so consider purchasing tickets for an early evening game and bring along a light sweatshirt or jacket just in case you begin to feel cold. Search StubHub for discounted baseball tickets. You can often find more expensive seats for less by buying them second hand.

Exercise Outside

Does your significant other love to exercise? If so, consider a date that involves hiking, running or biking. If you want to venture off the beaten path search for an unfamiliar location with long, scenic trails. If you prefer the city streets to off-road adventures sign up for a 5K race you can run together. These days you can find all sorts of unique races, including those that feature glow in the dark accessories or color races that spray handfuls of purple, blue and yellow colored powered on racers as they run. Kayaking, biking and peddling in an old fashioned paddleboat can lead to heart-pumping dates too.

Attend an Outdoor Concert

Music festivals and outdoor concerts always make for memorable date nights and spring is the kick-off season for most outdoor arenas. Pony up big money for front row seats under cover or buy the cheap seats way out in the field. No matter where you sit you are bound to enjoy the sights and sounds of your favorite band.

This spring get out and enjoy the weather together with these fun outdoor date ideas.