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Six Tips For Smart Back-To-School Shopping

Are you looking for the best strategy to go about the back to school shopping? How to survive Back-to-School Shopping Spree? Then just remember three golden rules: be organized, buy in bulk, and use coupons and promotion deals. It is very important to start shopping with a solid game plan. Here are six tips that will make back to school shopping fun:
1.  Involve your child when making the list: Jot down Back To School Supplies that must be on your list recommended by the child’s teacher. You can even ask the parents of the kids of older kids in the same school. They will surely be able to provide you with some valuable leads. Sit with your child and revise the list. This way the kid will also learn to be organized.

2.  Remember wants and needs are different: The child will happily use the unused school supplies that you bought last year. But trends do matter when it comes to backpack and lunchpack. Instead of getting into argument with kids, set a budget for them. This will also teach the kid to set priorities and manage money.

3.  Hold off buying trendier: There is no doubt that trendier things are expensive. Trendy lunch boxes and pencil cases are far more expensive than a conventional one. Kids may buy a certain type because they loved it, but when they see their friends using a better one, they will surely come begging to you to upgrade it. This means wastage of cash but in most cases parents rarely have a choice.

4.  Buy basic supplies in bulk: There is no doubt that the kid will need pencils, pens, papers, notebooks, binders, glue sticks, post aids and colors in bulk. Therefore, check for stores that offer bulk discounts. You can even team up with few of your neighbors or friends. Once you have the supplies, store them neatly in the shelf. This will help the kid have everything they will need when doing their homework. This will also teach the importance of organizational skills.

5.  Watch for coupons and promotions: Most online stores have free shipping and huge discount coupons announced around this time. Check for them in newspaper, online, mobile messages and flyers. You can find coupons for notebooks, supplies, tablets, laptops, backpacks, apparels, lunchpacks etc. It is best to shop online with your kids by asking their opinions. This will save you the hassles of going to the stores and also the gas expenses. The time that is saved can be used to plan the daily lunch menu with the kid. There are several websites that list special back to school coupons and deals from major brands. Look for such websites and add to your savings.

6.  Quality over quantity: There are times when quality is more important when buying the back to school products. Leaky and low quality pens will ruin your clothes and backpacks and in the long term prove to be expensive. It makes sense to buy good quality pens, backpacks and paper. But when buying colors, pencils, erasers, binders you can stick with a new brand. This will make your child learn when to replace quality over quantity in the shopping list.

These six lists and some past experience will help you sail through the back-to-school shopping.

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