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Ski Resorts Worth the Trip

We’re not going to lie; skiing or snowboarding the Appalachians is not the same thing as skiing the Rockies. The quality of snow alone is typically better out West, and the sheer size of the newer mountain range gives you more to explore, both in the number of runs and the potential intensity.

Getting to the best mountains can be a big undertaking, though, so you want to make sure you’re hitting the best ski resorts you can while you’re out there. You’ll also want to make sure you don’t miss out any potential ways to save money because, as you know, this is not exactly a cheap hobby.

We’ve got you covered on both fronts with deals to some of the best ski resorts North America has to offer.



Breckenridge is a super family-friendly resort locate in the state of Colorado. When we say family-friendly, we mean it. Not only are there fun activities for kids besides skiing or snowboarding, but the resort even has multiple daycare centers for kids who aren’t big enough to head down the mountain yet—or those up to age five who just don’t want to.

Breckenridge is also marijuana-friendly, if that’s your thing. While we don’t overtly support or despise Colorado’s rules around the substance, they do exist. At least four dispensaries in Breckenridge sell it for recreational use to those over the age of 21. This in no way infringes on the family-friendly vibe or safety level of the small town, but it does give its visitors another way to relax on their vacations should they so choose.

Currently, you can get $46 off a 2-day lift ticket or $24 off a 1-day lift ticket when you use Breckenridge promo codes.

Sunshine Village


Okay, so all of these mountains come with incredible landscapes. If you’re from the East coast, they’re even more impressive as you don’t see them frequently. But Banff? Banff’s landscapes have drama.

Banff is a small town outside of Calgary, Alberta. If you’re an American, you will need a passport to get here, but it’s worth filing the extra paperwork. In particular, Sunshine Village has a lot going on. Their lodging options actually include ski-in/ski-out accommodations, which are one-of-a-kind in the area. There’s also everything from shopping to dining to concerts to quiet nature retreats to escape the commotion of civilization.

Currently, you can score 34% off lift tickets with Sunshine Village promo codes.

Mammoth Mountain


Yes, we know that Mammoth Mountain isn’t technically in the Rockies. It’s a bit further west in the Sierra Nevada range, but the snow quality and intensity, along with number of runs, are comparable.

This is another family-friendly resort with child care extending to kids up to age seven. Mammoth also has certain sections where older kids can ski for free, and the entire resort is open free to kids under four and under all the time.

Mammoth also has an insanely long ski season. You can reasonably expect them to stay open until June in any given year, though in some, they have stayed open through August. That make this a great option if the weather has you thinking about a ski getaway, but you don’t have the funds on you to make it happen right now.

If you do, though, know that it can be comparatively affordable—lift ticket and lodging combos start at just $113.