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Skin Care for Pregnant Ladies

While being pregnant is one of the best feeling in the world it also comes with a lot of take care. Right from what to eat to what to wear to what products to use, you have to be very careful of the product you choose. And since pregnancy means being stress free… it is recommended to sit back, relax and read below the best skin care product for you to use. These products are

1. Tummy Rub Stretch butter by Mama Mio

Mama Mio is one of the trusted brands for skin care during pregnancy and its tummy rub range is the most sort after product which promises visible reduction in the stretch marks. It’s thick cream is instantly absorbed by the body and has a very pleasing aroma that stays for a long time. Available at in a 4 at price of 3 combo, you can even add further discounts using Destination Maternity coupons.

2. Bella B Tommy to Toes

During pregnancy our lower half is the most stressed portion of the body. Therefore it is important to revitalize them and give them the care take they deserve and to ensure that we recommend you Bella B Tommy to Toes cream available at  This thick creamy solution is all natural and has a cooling effect with arousing aroma that last for long.

3. Burt’s Bee Mama Bee Nourishing Baby Oil

Burt’s Bee Mama Bee Nourishing Baby Oil

This 100 percent natural body oil will surely keep your skin soft throughout the nine months. Containing sweet almond, lemon oils and Vitamin E it is used after shower or bath to keep the skin moisturized. This is completely safe and no reported side effects. Available at, you can use drugstore coupons for free shipping and additional discounts.

4. Clarins Huile Tonic body treatment oil

One of the major skin troubles during pregnancy is the presence of parched skin despite drinking a lot of water.  But by using Clarins Huile Tonic Body treatment oil which contains 100 percent all natural extract oil you can be assured of a smooth skin and fading stretch marks during the nine months. However due to its strong aroma it is recommended that you use it before bath or before applying any lotion.  Also using macys coupons you can buy this must have product from at reasonable price.

5. Belli Anti- Blemish Facial Wash

Belli Anti- Blemish Facial Wash

Now you can say goodbye to all the acnes that were breaking out on your skin. Using Belli Anti Blemish Facial wash which contains lactic acid, green tea and cucumber you will experience an exfoliating wash that leaves your skin clear and dry and acne visibly gone. This product can be easily purchases at using coupons for free gifts or free products.

Now with all the aspects of skin care being taken care of, we hope that the above products keep you and your skin beautiful and radiant. Just include these in your daily skin care routine and pamper yourself during this special phase of your life. Keeping yourself healthy, beautiful and fresh surely helps you to deal with the mood swings and other physical changes.