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Slate MasterCard with BluePrint from Chase – Card details and review

Chase Bank is one of the leading banks of USA that has merged with JPMorgan and Co in the year 2000. Ever since its merger with JP Morgan and Co, the activity of Chase Bank has widened further in the field of banking, credit providing service, investments and other related services. This organization provides a wide range of credit services to the consumers like travel cards, student card, business card and such other forms of credit card. One great credit card option that is available to the consumers in the present time is the Slate MasterCard from Chase which comes with great account opening offers. Here goes a detailed review of this particular credit card that is going to make your decision of whether to opt for this card or not much easier.

No annual subscription fee

The credit card holder need not pay any annual subscription fee to the issuing company for using the card at any point of time. Thus the card holder will have the opportunity to save a lot of money.

Slate Mastercard with BluePrint from Chase


This card comes with one of the best introductory offer i.e. 0% APR for the first fifteen months on transfer of balance from other accounts or if anything is purchased using this particular card. Thus the cardholders have an opportunity to save a lot of hard earned money by using this credit card. However, though the users are not charged anything for transferring balance to this card for the first two months; after that they need to pay a token charge of 3% or 5 USD. This APR charged is much less in comparison to the other cards.

Protection from fraudulent activities

This card is tagged along with patented fraud safeguarding scheme which guarantees 100% security to the cardholder. Moreover, the cardholder does not have any liability for any transactions that were conducted after the card is stolen or misplaced. But they need to inform the authorities about the incident a soon as possible.

The money management tool ‘BluePrint’

This is a unique feature that is exclusive to this particular variety of card and it helps the cardholder to pay back the accumulated credit efficiently. The users are provided with four basic options to pay back the amount. First, they can payback in full under which circumstances they need not pay any interest on the total credit amount. The software is going to categorize the different purchases and thereafter help you in paying off in full.

The second option available to the card user is called Split, whereby you can direct the issuing authorities how much you are going to pay and about the particular categories you would like to clear off. The third variety let you set up a time bound and the software will automatically provide you with the monthly figures. Lastly, this software also helps the card user to understand his position with regard to his spending and whether they will be able to keep up with their financial objectives or not.

These were the main features of Slate MasterCard from Chase. It is the perfect option for those who wants to get lucrative introductory benefits by using credit cards. However, this credit card is only issued to a genre of clients who have excellent credit record. So you need to make note about this factor before applying for it.