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Sleeping In on Black Friday

For some, Black Friday is just fun. It’s all about the American experience of waking up before dawn to stand in line in the frigid cold to save a few bucks on this year’s hottest piece of technology, or most popular toy. For some families, this is a tradition. But if your goal is to save money, how much are you really saving? Is Black Friday madness worth it? Let’s go over a few commonly overlooked truths about Black Friday.

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1. Black Friday sales are not always the best sales of the year. Yes, you’ve been lied to. For example, if you’re shopping for winter apparel and can a few weeks until January, you’re likely to find the item 50% off. And it’s just a few weeks. Further, the store is going to get you in the door by advertising “crazy” prices. But, the truth is, the crazy prices might be on items you’re not planning to buy. Many items will still be regular priced items, among all the giant yellow signs. Know what you’re looking for before you set out.

2.  Black Friday deals will usually start before Black Friday. Over the last few years, more stores have initiated sales on Thanksgiving Day If enough people are out shopping, inventory will be low on Friday, if not sold out. But this year, we’re seeing more and more stores doing an entire Black Friday week this week (especially online!). Take advantage by shopping from home and beating the crowds. Find the sweetest deals on our own Black Friday page. In fact, we think you’ll do even better online this year.

3. You may not be able to return your purchase. Or, at least, not in the time you expected. Return policies are revised and tightened during the holiday season. PAY ATTENTION to the return policy before checking out. Many stores will only offer credit on returns. And as of recently, some stores are keeping track of perpetual returning shoppers and reserve the right to ban them! And, if you have no receipt (or gift receipt for your recipients), they are likely to only get credit on significantly reduced prices.

4. Doorbuster deals are typically low in stock. That’s why they’re called “doorbusters.” Most retailers only stock limited quantities of the deal. The buzz created by the “doorbuster” sales are simply meant to get you in the door. But then, if they stocked enough, it would take the competitive edge out of the fun. Don’t rush on those big ticket items. They will continue to be on sale for most of the holiday season.

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