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Smart Shopping Strategies to Save On Halloween Treats

Do you live in a kid-friendly neighborhood? Do you find more and more trick-or-treaters knocking on your door each year? Has your tiny little bowl of candy morphed into a giant container? Do you want to find a way to provide treats for all those costumed kids without leaving a hole in your wallet? Here are a few ideas.

Decide When to Buy

Halloween candy sales typically begin at the end of September. If you have the time and energy to buy just one or two bags a week you might be wise to begin shopping for candy now. You can find good prices throughout the month of October, but make certain you don’t wait too late to buy. Stores typically raise their prices on Halloween supplies towards the end of the month, so make certain you aren’t a last minute shopper.

Match Sales with Coupons


Keep an eye on circulars to grocery stores and drug stores like CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid. Glance through the ads for sales on candy and then search your local newspaper insert for coupons that match those sales. If you don’t subscribe to a newspaper make certain to search for printable coupons from your home computer.

Shop at Warehouse Stores

Do you want to stock up on huge bags of candy without searching for sales or clipping coupons? Then warehouse stores like BJs, Costco and Sam’s Club might be the best choice for you. You can buy extra large bags of Halloween candy at excellent prices.

Consider Non-Chocolate Options


Chocolate candy tends to be the most expensive. Before buying miniature candy bars compare the prices of other candy options like lollipops, Jolly Ranchers and Skittles.

Purchase Candy-Free Items


While lollipops might be cheaper than candy bars, sometimes non-candy options are the cheapest option of all. Consider purchasing bubbles, stamps or stickers. Another fun option is the giant bag of Play-Doh sold at Costco; each bag contains 80 containers. Or how about a giant bag of glow sticks? The kids can light them up and use them to get a better glance at their stash of candy.

Hand Out the Candy Yourself


Some households open the door, hold out the bowl and let each trick-or-treater decide just how many treats they want to grab. If you want to ensure your treats last throughout the night make sure to hand them out yourself.

Turn out the Light


It’s perfectly okay to set a budget for Halloween treats. Buy as much as you think is reasonable and turn out the lights when you run out of candy.

No matter how many treats you give out remember that Halloween is as much about the experience of dressing up and going door-to-door as it is about the candy. Children enjoy the evening no matter how many treats they take home.