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Snap a Pic With These Adorable First Day Of School Signs

Your parents may have one or two photo albums from your childhood, but over the course of your own child’s life you’ll probably take enough photos to produce hundreds or possibly even thousands of photo books.

Smartphones enable us to shoot and print photos in mere seconds and advanced technologies in digital cameras allow even the most novice photographer to produce clear and vivid images. It’s crazy to think that in the year 2017 more pictures will be taken than were previously captured in the hundred years before this one.

From the moment a child is born parents pull out their cameras and cell phones and begin snapping images of that chubby little baby’s face and hands. We try our best to preserve these pivotal moments so we never forget them. Of course, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook all give us extra reasons to capture and share the moments of our lives.

August is here and that means the first day of school is just around the corner. Some kids want to get dressed up in collared shirts and dresses, while others wear wrinkled t-shirts, mismatched socks and backpacks that look too big for them. No matter how your child looks on the first-day-of-school you’ll most likely want to snap a picture of this memorable moment.

In the past kids stood on the stoops of their school and smiled. Nowadays parents snap a pic of each school-aged child holding up a large sign. These boards document your kid’s age, grade and other fun facts about them. You can take a DIY approach to creating a sign, with little more than standard copy paper and a printer, or head online to find some very cute and reusable signs that can be used year after year.

First Day of School Dry Erase Sign

The First Day of School Personalized Dry Erase Sign from Personalization Mall is available in pink and green. Personalize this sign with your child’s name before ordering. When the board arrives fill out the independent, colorful sections with prompts like “When I grow up I want to be”, “My Favorite Subject is”, “My favorite food is” and many more. Reuse this board every year and see how your child’s interests change over time.

First and Last Day of School Chalkboard Sign

If you capture the first day of school with a cute sign you may want to snap a pic on the last day too. The First and Last Day of School Chalkboard Sign from Toys-R-Us is double-sided. The front features first day prompts like “My Teacher Is” and “When I Grow Up I Want to Be” while the backside includes last day prompts like “Best Day Ever Was” and “This Summer I Can’t Wait To.” Use chalk to write your child’s name, date and to fill-in-the-blanks. This would be a great way to bookend a photo album that includes school parties, sporting events, field trips and anything else school related.

Homemade First and Last Day of School Signs

Etsy is the place to go for beautiful, colorful first day of school signs. A simple search will yield many customizable dry-erase boards and chalkboards. Choose a color combination or design choice, then provide additional details including your child’s name and graduation year. Fill out the remaining details once the board arrives and update it again every year.

Back-To-School Photo Props

This isn’t exactly a sign, but these adorable back-to-school photo props might be a fun way to capture the first day of school. Have your child hold the glasses over his or her face, while also holding up the ‘I Love School’ sign or any other cardboard prop. These would also make cute photo options for a back-to-school themed party. You can find them at Oriental Trading.

DIY First Day of School Signs

If you have neat handwriting you can create your own chalkboard or dry erase board using the prompts and designs shown above. If your handwriting isn’t the best search for adorable signs that can be printed at home. Google yields hundreds of results for printable images that can be customized with your child’s name and school’s information.

This August help your kid pick out an outfit, pack a backpack and head off to school, but don’t let them walk inside until you snap a pic with a fun and adorable first day of school sign.