Sneak-Peek At AT&T U-verse

AT & T Uverse

By the latest market data, AT&T U-verse has of recent around 3 million customers and if you count the U-verse TV subscribers then it’s a whopping 5 million or maybe more! Never heard of AT&T U-verse? For the uninitiated AT&T U-verse provides audio and visual entertainment features over a high speed Internet connection in both Standard Definition and High Definition format. Going by market statistics U-Verse was being flooded with almost 12,000 new installations per week when it was announced in 2008 and is still going strong. This implies that they are quite competitive on the price and package aspect.

Why should you go in for AT&T U-verse?

Let’s look at the technical aspects in detail now. AT&T U-verse uses a mixture of fiber to the node (FTTN) and fiber to the premises (FTTP) connections. All users have the option of upgrading to the FTTP connection. AT&T already had a huge network of copper wire and fiber optics based services. Using this as the base they launched AT&T U-verse and were able to serve a very large clientele. You can read up more on the technical specifications or the engineer could explain the benefits to you.

Taking a peek at the aspects that directly affect the user’s pocket:

  1. Their packages are highly customizable and all receivers are HD- ready. These packages start at $49 a month! Also these installations are done for free which is a plus point since they take a lot of time due to the complexity of the device and programs on it. This can be replicated at minimal cost every time you move. Also the first time that you have this installed it can be done on your home theatre by the company technician itself to save you the trouble later on.
  2. Also there is this new offer of recording shows when you are not available to watch them. AT&T U-verse Total Home Digital Video Recorder can record up to four shows at once and they can be played back from any television in your home that is linked to that particular AT&T U-verse customer ID. For linking the same connection to another TV, AT&T U-verse charges $7 per month per TV. This Digital Video Recorder can be linked to a computer also and played back.
  3. Their voice over IP services also have some neat features such as call waiting, 911 services, call rejection, anonymous call rejection, caller ID, call waiting ID and the like. When you install AT&T U-verse Voice with the rest of the package there are no extra charges. Some other services that they offer at no extra cost are email; do not disturb features and battery backup that helps to keep the phone working during a power cut though not for a very long time.

They have issues with their speed which is slightly lesser than the market leader but some of its packages are faster than most cable providers both for upstream and downstream data. Even if you go by personal feedback of users, AT&T U-verse’s services and products are worth a shot!

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