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Snow Day? No Problem.

If you are lucky enough to be home with your little ones on a Snow Day, then use it as an opportunity to bond! Here are just a few ideas to pass the time (and still leave time to get that load of laundry done!).


Always keep a box of cookie mix in the house for those unexpected days that you are trapped inside! Kids love nothing more than eating yummy treats. A great way to spend a cold afternoon is teaching your kids to help you bake…and don’t forget lots of decorations, if you have them.

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Go to a museum

When was the last time you went to a museum? Check out your city’s tourist website. Every city has a “things to do” section of their homepage. Another great place to check is Groupon. Kid museums, dinosaur museums, science museums, art museums and more, often offer deals and special holiday rates. Check your local library, too for museum passes.

Play-Doh, Leggos, and Bracelet Makers

Actually PLAY with your kids. Allow them to make a mess, but actually play with them. Let your kids get excited about how creative you can be. Need to stock up? Check out post-holiday deals at Target!

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Does Everyone have a library card?

Check out your local library for events, programs, or just plain old book browsing. It’s a great way to spend a rainy (or snowy) afternoon without spending a dime…unless of course, you owe late fees.

Make dinner together

You shouldn’t be rushing around this week. Take advantage of your extra time together and plan a family friendly meal that your kids can help prepare. Everyone can have a job and they’ll appreciate it that much more when the whole family sits down to enjoy a meal.

Go skating or skiing

Okay, one is a much bigger deal than the other. Skiing is a whole day, at least. But, if you have younger ones, or aren’t confident on skis, you can also try tubing at a ski resort…that is, IF there is snow. If not, stick to indoor ice skating! Check out Living Social or Groupon for additional savings off amazing deals!

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Here’s the most brilliant idea of all–create a scavenger hunt of chores. Either create riddles so the kiddos have to guess what they have to do, or hide strips of paper with tasks on them. Have dollar bills and change ready for when they complete their work!

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