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Some Innovative Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas To Make You Home Look The Best

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful for all the blessings. A day to be spent with all the friends and family and to acknowledge the feeling of gratitude! This is the day when family and friends get together and have the feast with their near and dear ones and to make this day extra special, the host goes an extra mile to make their house as welcoming and as cheerful as possible. If you are short on time then go through these easy tips to decorate your house for thanksgiving:

1. Bring in some colors: The weather is lovely and colorful and what better than bringing natural elements? Make a wreath out of dry autumn leaves and twigs and hang it above the door or bedpost, put some leaves in a glass bowls and place them on your center table or in the bathroom or use some pine cones found in the ground to make your room look pretty! You can easily find them in several online decoration stores. Apart from this, you can also add some thanksgiving color to your house by changing the bed sheets and curtain drapes with shades of orange, yellow and gold.


2. Add Flowers: Flowers are the perfect decoration item for any festival. They bring in the cheery feeling to a room and the sweet aroma of different flowers can lift the spirits of any individual smelling them. You can make your own bouquet by collecting flowers from your garden or buy some inexpensive ones from the market and place those on the table. Some smaller bouquets can be placed on the bedrooms and bathrooms to add to the effect. Another way of utilizing flowers can be by floating some flower heads in a bowl of water. There are many online flower shops that deliver the best of seasonal and exotic flowers for an affordable price.

3. Matching sheets: Purchase some fall colored table cloths for the occasion in shades of orange, yellow and gold. Orange and brown are the primary colors of Thanksgiving, hence match up your room to the weather outside to create a feeling of festivity. Some green and gold sheets from the cheap stores will go in perfectly with your other decorations. Line up your pillows on the sofa and place some light colored table cloth on the table. Even if you don’t have a table cloth, you can make some by taking a big old sheet and cutting it neatly into smaller sizes of equal measure.

4. Set your table: Set your table with your most valuable dishware. It doesn’t matter if your dishware is not matching. The main thing to keep in mind is the arrangement. Each set should have similar items of dishware. Apart from that add some little figurines of turkey and candles on the table top. You can even fill a small bucket with leaves and acorns and set it on the table or add a plate of apples or nuts to make it look appealing.

Using scented candles is also one way to make the day extra special. You can use post-its and make every family member write something they’re thankful about. These post its can be then stuck on the fridge or a vase. But the most important element of thanksgiving will be enjoying the day with your near ones.

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