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Spooky Venues in Boston

Looking for spooks and haunts in the weeks leading up to Halloween? One of the best places to head is one of America’s oldest cities: Boston, Massachusetts. The city’s early days were filled with so much turbulence that there were lots of unfortunate deaths, which, as we all know, leads to lots of ghosts.

Here are the top four places you’ll want to see if you’re visiting Boston for its haunted history:

Granary Park Burial Grounds


Ground broke on the Granary Park Burial Grounds in 1660. Since then, it’s seen thousands of funerals, including some of notable people you might have heard of. Paul Revere is buried here, along with Benjamin Franklin’s parents, Sam Adams himself and John Hancock. You’ll also find the graves of five victims of the Boston Massacre.

Visiting a cemetery to honor the dead is one thing, but after the sun falls, Granary Park is known for its paranormal activity. People feel spirits lurking all around them, but the spookiness gets taken up a notch when you take a picture. Many have captured the fleeting images of spirits via film and smart phone.

Fort Warren


Fort Warren was an active military fortress from the 1840’s right up until the 1940’s. Over the years, soldiers reported seeing many spirits in this essential island prison in Boston Harbor, but the one who makes the most frequent appearances is the Lady in Black. She was a woman who made the trip from the deep South in order to free her husband, and she was almost successful. She actually broke in and freed him, but on their way out they were caught. Her husband was shot, and she was subsequently hanged. Today she still strolls the halls where her earnest attempts were foiled.

Emerson’s Cutler Majestic Theater


Named after the college rather than directly after Ralph Waldo, this venue hosts two sets of ghosts. The first is a former Boston mayor who died in his seat while enjoying a show, and the second is young family up in the balcony. Don’t break a leg when you enjoy a haunted show at this venue—or you may just never leave.

Omni Parker House Hotel


If you want a good night’s sleep, stay away from the Omni Parker House Hotel. As you’re making your way up to your room, your elevator may mysteriously stop on the third floor. Odds are there will be no one waiting to get on when the doors slide open. That happens a lot at the Omni Parker House, and the only hint of an explanation is that Charles Dickens once occupied that particular suite.

As you’re making your way up, cross your fingers that you’re not staying on the tenth floor, because that’s where all the real action happens. The original owner of the establishment, Harvey Parker, stuck around even after death, and this is where he likes to hang out. You may see him, or you may hear the creaking of his nonexistent rocking chair.

Sleep sound after experiencing a haunting.

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