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Spring Fashion Trends via Michael Kors

This year there is a lot going on in Spring fashion. From big, bold floral prints to banker stripes, there are little surprises around each corner.

Today, we’ll be covering how Michael Kors’ fashion line is tackling its Spring 2017 line in all its intricacies while still maintaining the distinctive look of a collection. Remember to check out Michael Kors promo codes before purchasing from this high-end line.

Love Intarsia Cashmere Oversized Pullover

Love Intarsia Cashmere Oversized Pullover

Slouchy is in this season, and this cashmere pullover epitomizing the look. It also features another fashion trend gracing the runways—slit sleeves. Here, Michael Kors executes the long-sleeved style with buttons and extra length.

Stretch Cotton Poplin Shirt

Stretch Cotton-Poplin Shirt

White, button down shirts are also something you will be seeing a lot of this year. Many times, their length will be altered so that they can be worn as dresses. Michael Kors has chosen to keep this button down as a shirt, but does add some extra length at the bottom in a nod to the trend.

Hemp Linen-Serge Cropped Trousers

Hemp Linen-Serge Cropped Trousers

Hemp linen isn’t a trend we’re aware of, but the khaki color to these trousers is. Hemp linen sounds a lot more comfortable while still achieving the same look, though. Perfect to pair with the above Stretch Cotton Poplin Shirt.

Floral Crepe-Sable Dress

Floral Crepe-Sablé Dress

If you’re staring at this dress in disbelief, yes, those are shoulder pads and yes, they’re back. Expect to see more “defined” shoulders—especially on dressier items. They may not be as large as they got in the 80s and early 90s, but they’re definitely big enough that you’ll notice them.

The Floral Crepe-Sable dress also features a wide belt with a large buckle to accentuate the waist. While coats and pullovers will be slouchy, dresses and other more formal pieces will be well-defined in the waist area.

Contrast Floral Silk Georgette Blouse and Skirt

Contrast Floral Silk-Georgette Blouse

Contrasting patterns that previously would have been labeled as “clashing” are all the rage this season. Here, Michael Kors incorporates the popular big and bold floral print with another favorite on the runway: banker stripes.

As if there weren’t enough trend-worthy boxes checked, you’ll also notice that this piece features another seasonal hit with its slit sleeves. Only this time, it’s done with less buttons.

Gingham Wool Jacquard Coat

Gingham Wool-Jacquard Coat

Trench coats are in this season, and so are prominent buckles. Michael Kors hits these trends with the Gingham Wool Jacquard Coat, but most of the trenches you’ll see this season will be slouchy like the above pullover. The designer has decided to go with a more structured look here, mimicking the silhouette you’ll see in many of the dresses of the season.

You will also notice that, once again, you have the option for slit sleeves, which we haven’t seen on too many other trenches. The slits make this piece unique, but the buttons mean you’ll be able to wear this piece for years to come, even if the trend somehow fades away.