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Spring Trends You Should Know About

The runways are alight with color and pattern. No big surprise there, as these tend to be Spring staples, anyway, but they’re getting funkier. Frankly, the runways are looking like a cartoon come to life this year–very young, a little silly, and definitely risky. Bold patterns and color combinations are harder to pull off in real life, so we’re going to narrow down the upcoming season’s must-haves and figure out how to translate it to real life. According to PopSugar, here is a glimpse of how your closet will shift this year:


  • In all sizes and colors, gingham is making a comeback. Go classic, sexy or cool with gingham. Small black and white checks will take you from day to night, big bold boxes give you standout status, or classic gingham in beige or navy or great for your first picnic of the year. We also love the fact that this could go casual with sneakers or sexy with wedges and a statement necklace. Gingham does whatever you want it to for your overall look. This print is seen on casual shirt dresses to dupioni silk nightwear.


Because who doesn’t love the 70s? This is where the bold prints and patterns are coming from. Also popular are some more subtle 70s reminders like wide lapels and wide-legs (as opposed to a full flare). The pants actually look more John Travolta than Olivia Newton John. Masculine touches make the look less obnoxious and actually wearable. Think lots of denim, high waists and funky belts.

  • Safari

And we don’t just mean a belted trench and cool hat. Think animals. Think animals painted on your clothes. This look is being done for statements, especially on traditionally sweeter looks, like silk dresses. Unusual critters are plastered on otherwise demure pieces. It’s fun and a little creepy.

Sporty minimalism

This doesn’t mean you should wear your sneakers to work. This means that your look mighthave “sporty” edge, meaning sticking to neutrals in soft, comfortable fabrics. Think of it as “athletic influenced” with touches like lace ups, drawstrings, and racing stripes, but in a high fashion, yet wearable way. This look says that you’re down to earth and physical but still feminine.

Power Shoulders

Hit the gym, because shoulders will be your next accessory. We’re loving exposed shoulders, in the most fierce and sexy way. Whereas designers once hid women’s shoulders and padded them for a more masculine look, we’re not seeing power in femininity.